Cryos (the magick bounty hunter) [contest] Minecraft Skin

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Cryos (the magick bounty hunter) [contest]

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skizuke avatar skizuke
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Cryos (A magic warrior that became a bounty hunter not to long ago)

Steve's bounty
Well it all started back in august 13, 2013...when a guy name salemi jauers lost his job at the local news station.
After he lose his job he began looking for something to make money for him his wife and 2 kids, he began to look at a news paper
to see a article saying "rare dragon egg gone $100,000 reward" and lucky of him to rememeber seeing a tv ad saying "visit the end before its you're end :)" . So he gather his goons (yes this guy had goons i really don't know what makes them so loyal to him but then again i don't really care) and told them to search the end for a dragon egg and he will spilt the reward with them (he won't). 

The goons made there way to the end only to find nothing, so they asked the locals there (endermen) what happen.
The endermen said "someone with a blue shirt came and killed there queen and stole her egg". So the goons returned and told salemi that there was nothing there a someone with a blue shirt killed the bloody dragon and made off with the egg.
Salemi was thinking up another idea... ... ... and it came to him, and he said "i need you guys to go to the nether kill the wither and get me a nether star i can use it to gain power". And the goons said "but sir i thought u wanted money not power" salemi yelled and said "JUST.... DO IT".  

So they made there way to the nether to see a group of pigmen over a pile of wither skeletons bones and heads, so they ask the pigmen "umm... what happen here?" the pigmen retaliated and said "Were you the ones that did this!? You killed the wither and took the nether star and for what power? glory? (the pigmen started to attack the goons)". Lets get outta here RUN!!! (somehow they flee'd.

Sir sir the wither was already dead and the pigmen are raging up a storm. salemi replied "What! How can this be!?" (a tv in the shops window turned on a news special) "This is amy rossett here with breaking news, what you are seeing is a man attacking and destroying the wither and and ender dragon. This foes were a great danger to are society and now that there gone we can live in peace, this was a news special" (tv turns off).

Salemi now knows what steve looks like and now has a bone to pick with steve, salemi told his goons "i want you guys to find steve and bring him to me dead or alive" the goons replied "NO WAY BOSS you seen what he did, he would destroy us in a matter of seconds". Salemi yelled " WELL GET OUTTA HERE YOU PEASANTS *mumbles*.... i have $10,000 left to my name and with this i will hire a bounty hunter to slay steve and bring me the goodies he stole...." 

And thats is why im here... -cyros



1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by skizuke 06/13/2015 6:45:06 amJun 13th, 2015

-black under shirt shading redone
-metal shading redone
-left hand ice shading redone and color changed
-few highlights removed

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06/13/2015 12:48 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Button Pusher
Nancy87 avatar
You're one of the few people that actually haves an original idea, you deserve to atleast be in the top 3! good luck :)
06/14/2015 12:43 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
skizuke avatar
Thanks :)
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