Cyberdemon (DOOM 2016) Minecraft Skin
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Cyberdemon (DOOM 2016)

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Considered to be the most significant marker of success in the development of Argent-Organic research, the Cyberdemon is the flagship creation of the Lazarus Project. The symbiotic union of a Baalgar demon found during the second Project Lazarus Manned Expedition (MTC 2148/177) and an Argent Accumulator, this beast is capable of withstanding so much punishment that the creature must be kept in permanent suspended animation. Repeated attempts to subdue the beast prove unsuccessful as when exhausted, the Cyberdemon simply replenishes its life force from the Accumulator and attacks again with greater ferocity. Only by removing the Argent implant can the beast be restrained. The Cyberdemon remained in stasis until a suitable method of control can be found.

Behold, the mighty Cyberdemon. I just recently bought DOOM 2016, and I just could not leave this idea hanging, since I haven't posted in a month. So I decided to make an effort to replicate the beast on a Minecraft skin. And here it is.


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Cyberdemon (DOOM 2016) Minecraft Skin
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