Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) Driller Minecraft Skin
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Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) Driller

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samtsa avatar samtsa
Level 1 : New Miner
"Heavy duty excavation - ain't no finer thing."
-The Driller

As the Driller, you'll be equipped with a set of Titanium Powerdrills. Your job is to clear any blocked tunnels and obstacles in the path of your team, and in combat you are a force to be reckoned with: Your drills make short work of most enemies up close, and for longer range engagements you are equipped with a heavy duty Flamethrower.

- Class Description

This is the default driller skin from Deep Rock Galactic. He is personally my favorite class and the most versatile one at that. He is the backbone of getting from point A to point B. It doesn't get better than going straight. He will dig through anything (including redstone, so watch out for that).

"Rock and Stone forever!"

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02/05/2023 11:09 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Artist
TrueZer0 avatar
Would love to see more DRG Skins here, Anyways.. ROCK AND STONE BROTHER!
02/04/2023 10:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4460832G avatar
When are you gonna make an engineer skin. Driller is too lame!
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