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Department 667.5 - Stalin's Wizard (Magic Contest)

Department 667.5 - Stalin's Wizard (Magic Contest) Minecraft Skin

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avatar DragonMania17
Level 48 : Master Engineer
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today I present my participation to the Magic Skin Contest: a member of the Department 667.5, a Stalin's wizard.


The department 667.5 was maybe one of the most mysterious and powerful organisation of the USSR. Created under Stalin, this department studies the occult forces, spells, runes, surnatural forces that can help their master ruling his state. This section developed at the same time as the paranormal division of Hitler. The soviet’s wizard helped countering the Hitler’s plans and his use of too powerful forces for human race. The department continue his development during the Cold War before it was stopped when USSR’s end.


This is a woman wizard of the 667.5. Her right arm is a mechanical one with a small portal on the shoulder which collect enough energy to send a lighting from the hand. She has a small book in the back pocket with powerful spells. However, a small knife with runes, on the left leg, is always useful in any situations (cut ropes, cutting bread, fight demons…). The uniform is opened and cut after many fights … and because it comes from the army’s provider and they don’t really care of the size. The small red glass allows her to see the spirits and forces in our world. Oh, I will forget the most important one, the flag, USSR’s flag ! Why? Because the flag reminds your country and for what are you fighting and this is fundamental.

Thanks for reading this ! And remember, if you like this, click on the diamond. Bye!
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