Destiny 2 Kell Echo (+New Taken Bosses) Minecraft Skin
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Destiny 2 Kell Echo (+New Taken Bosses)

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Day 5 (insert reference). One of the new things Bungie released for Season of the Arrivals is the Prophecy dungeon, which is absolutely great. It's one of the few activities introduced over the course of Y3 that is fun to me, even though I have no logical reason to play it anymore (got the eyes and all my Nine armor). Anyway, the final boss of this is the Kell Echo, perhaps a prelude to Eramis. Its theme is a bop anyway. Included in this post are the Taken Incendior and Hobgoblin bosses, which take the Bloodguard and Brakion models respectively.

Taken Incendior BossDestiny 2 Kell Echo (+New Taken Bosses) Minecraft Skin
Taken Hobgoblin BossDestiny 2 Kell Echo (+New Taken Bosses) Minecraft Skin
Likeness of NokrisDestiny 2 Kell Echo (+New Taken Bosses) Minecraft Skin

UPDATE 7/29/2020 - Added Likeness of Nokris.

UPDATE 8/13/2020 - Updated Incendior Boss in preparation for the D2 Cabal Redux Project.

UPDATE 7/3/2020 - Updated all extra Taken Boss variants to match new Taken standards. Nokris completely redone to match new Nokris textures coming 7/4.

UPDATE 7/8/22 - Fixed eyes on Incendior, Hobgoblin, and Nokris

UPDATE 8/22/22 - Added Morgeth

UPDATE 3/21/23 - Fixed the Incendior's back plate

UPDATE 4/13/23 - Fixed core armor for Taken Hobgoblin boss

UPDATE 5/8/23 - Adjusted head of Incendior boss as part of Project Head Reassignment Surgery

UPDATE 5/31/23 - Desaturated all applicable variants a bit

UPDATE 6/22/23 - Updated all full Taken as part of The Taken Conundrum update.

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - D1 Revamp : by Archival Mind 10/10/2020 11:31:43 pmOct 10th, 2020

Redid the Kell Echo skin as the base body was part of the D1 Revamp Project

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