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    I'm Yuffies / Yufs, or any other nicknames for that that you could come up with! I'm a Minecraft Skin-maker (I started in May, 2020 with my first skin posted on June 3rd 2020) and a huge Starwars fan! I go by any pronouns, with no preference. I only recently started posting on PMC, so I'm still figuring out how this site works, but it's fun nonetheless! I have many more skins on Skindex, so click here to check them out!

    Constructive Criticism is welcome and appreciated!


    To-do List!
    ; finish Starwars skin series (Starwars skins so far)
    - a Clone
    - a Jedi (Rey Skywalker)
    - Sith Lord or Inquisitor (Darth Vader)
    - a non-human species (Ahsoka Tano)
    - a Mandalorian (The Mandalorian)
    - a Droid (C3P0)

    ; finish VALORANT series
    - Jett (Jett from VALORANT)
    - Sage
    - Killjoy
    - Viper
    Neon (Neon from VALORANT)
    - Reyna
    - Yoru
    - Astra
    - Skye (Skye from VALORANT)
    - Clove

    ; other
    - Coraline

    Goals / Achievements!
    ; participate in an unofficial pmc jam (FroznBee's 700+300 Contest)
    ; win an unofficial pmc jam
    ; participate in an official pmc jam
    ; get top 3 in an official pmc jam
    ; be featured on the popular reel (Early Studies)
    ; win a themed contest (Karly's 300 Follower Contest)
    ; win a reshade contest (PigtailTHUNDER's 800 Follower Contest)
    ; host a reshade contest (200 Follower Contest)
    ; host a themed contest (300 Follower Biome Contest)
    ; 100 likes on a skin (200 Follower Contest Results)
    ; 200 likes on a skin (Jett from VALORANT)
    ; 50 diamonds on a skin (Early Studies)
    ; 100 diamonds on a skin
    ; create a non-human space themed skin
     (Starlit Droid Contest Entry)
    ; create a dragon skin (Dragon of the Sea)
    ; finish Starwars skin series (Starwars skins so far)
    ; finish VALORANT series (Valorant skins so far)
    ; get a skin on the 1st trending page (Pope Johanna)


    Thank you for reading and have a good day :) (toodles!)

    Happy Pride Month!

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    Collabs: Closed. Unless we're mutuals, then maybe!

    Contests: Open! Feel free to promote, as long as you don't spam.

    Trades: Maybe. Just depends!

    Requests: Open! I don't always make them though.

    Tournaments: Open! Though most of the time I won't join.
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    • Yuffies's Avatar
      July 6, 2024, 3:53 pm to Public
      favorite accent? (mine's scottish)
      enfyys said 2024-07-06 16:27:39
      enfyys's Avatar
      new zealand or ireland
      ajthepeach said 2024-07-06 15:53:49
      ajthepeach's Avatar
    • Yuffies's Avatar
      June 17, 2024, 8:53 pm to Public
      I just found out how to see how many subs I have HOW DO I HAVE 120 ON THIS PLATFORM ALREADY I DON'T EVEN POST??
    • Yuffies's Avatar
      June 14, 2024, 10:18 pm to Public
      opinions on the acolyte so far?
    • Yuffies's Avatar
      June 9, 2024, 6:00 pm to Public
      cooking something up (probs wont be posted for weeks tho)
    • Yuffies's Avatar
      June 6, 2024, 9:28 pm to Public
      coming out of hibernation (not skin posting hibernation, unfortunately) to say billie eilishes new album is AWESOME SO FAR! ive only listened to a few songs on it but its incredible. ive never been much of a billie fan- i always appreciated the messages she spreads, her personality shown online, and her art (it just wasn't my thing)- but this album so far has made me like a superfan LMAO. its like the most/least billie thing ive heard (evolution of her style, maybe? its like im seeing a side of her shes never shown before, if that makes sense)
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