Evelyn Evernight (OC) Minecraft Skin
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Evelyn Evernight (OC)

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Level 76 : Legendary Princess
Name: Evelyn Roweena Katya Sofia Evernight

Age: 19

Birthday:16th of July 2000

Backstory: Evelyn is next in line to the throne of the Sparrow kingdom which is currently being ruled by her childless aunt and uncle. Evelyns parents died when she was very young under suspicious circumstances. Evelyn is very pale and this is due to her never leaving the sparrow kingdom where it is always midnight due to a very old curse put on the kingdom the day it was founded over nine hundred years ago by a spiteful witch. Due to Evelyns complexion, she is often mistaken for a vampire and has had the occasional run-in with a vampire hunter. Evelyns aunt and uncle fear that her status as next in line might endanger her and because of this Evelyn has had extensive training with swords bows and hand to hand combat. Evelyn wears a black silk Alice band at all times as this was the only item of her mother she has.

Relationship Status: Single (has a crush on a merchants son from the neighboring skylark kingdom called Fiero)

Likes: Hair dye, Rabbits, Combat boots, sweets.

Dislikes: Country music, Vegetables, Vampire slayers, corsets.

Evelyn Evernight (OC) Minecraft Skin

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