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    𓂀 Nut - The Egyptian Sky Goddess [Aztecs and Egyptians] 𓂀
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    🌺  Kyoko Kirigiri || Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 🌺
    🍃 Leaves From the Vine 🍃
    🔥 Queen of Embers Identity Crisis [1000th submission] 🔥
    🎡 Beautiful Tonight 🎡
    🔥Alexandrine Amelia 🔥
    🦍Gorilla shot DEAD, oops.. 🦍
    🎇 Magic 🎇
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    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess || Zelda [Rpg skin contest]
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    Space Station
    Danganronpa || Junko Enoshima || Ultimate Despair (edit with better hair now!)
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    Red Riding Hood
    League of Legends || Jinx
    Historical Splendour || Orange Blossom Kimono
    Yuzuki Yukari
    Rwby Weiss Shnee (volume 4+)
    🍓 Strawberry x Chocolate x Cake 🍓
    🌈 Mayu 🌈
    🎆 Jinx || League Of Legends 🎆
    💕 Warrior Mage [oc] 💕
    ✨ I may be charming but i'm no prince ✨
    🌟 I'm Already High Enough [oc] 🌟
    💚 Machi 💚
    ⭐Don't Kill The Dreamer⭐
    👑 You should see me in a crown 👑
    ❄️Nutcracker Prince -  for Retrospective ❄️
    🎐 Evelynn || KDA all out 🎐
    💀 In a grave of roses 💀 Happy Haloween 2020! 💀
    ‎️‍🔥 Wyld Fire [oc] ‎️‍🔥
    🌹 Rose Witch [OC] 🌹
    🌀 Sweet Dreams 🌀
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    🔥 Queen of Embers Identity Crisis [1000th submission] 🔥
    🔥Alexandrine Amelia 🔥
    🔥 After The Flames  🔥
    🔥Queen of Embers [Thanks for 800 subs!] 🔥
    Queen Of Embers
    🔥Can I offer you a little salt for that wound? 🔥
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    🕊️ The Doves Have Died 🕊️
    Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.
    Nutcracker Princess
    🌟 Nutcracker Princess 🌟
    🎡 Beautiful Tonight 🎡
    🎉Don't stop the party 🎉 [OC]
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    ♣️ Valia ♣️
    🍡 Evil Marshmallow 🍡
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    🔥 Chiyoko The Daughter of the Pheonix 🔥
    Hearts Ready To Ignite
    🌊Tears of The Water Dragon🌊
    OC || Tsgumi The hamster overlord || Overlord Form
    Oc - Katya of mysticfalls
    ~Persona~ Tsgumi The Hamster Overlord
    ✨ Fortunes Told and Fortunes Lost ✨
    ‎️‍🔥 Wyld Fire [oc] ‎️‍🔥
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    🎇 Magic 🎇
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    🌟 I'm Already High Enough [oc] 🌟
    👑 You should see me in a crown 👑
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    •  avatar
      May 14, 2021, 6:18 pm to Public
      thankyou to everyone who showed me such love and support yesterday, i'm feeling very tired and panicky today but still better than yesterday, i had a phone call with my brother and a mars bar today which made me feel alot better and my brother is comming back from university for a few days tomorrow and i'm going to take him for lunch with our dog
    •  avatar
      May 13, 2021, 6:46 pm to Public
      So today I experienced something nobody should ever experience but statistically speaking some of you will or already have.

      Trigger warning: stalking.

      Today I went round to talk to my mothers friend about looking after her cat for a few days while she goes to visit her daughter at her university. Anyway after going round her house and meeting her cat I walked off to town to go and buy myself some lunch because it was about 4pm and I hadn't eaten so I went to my local supermarket and grabbed a bagguete so I could make myself a Nutella sandwich when I got home then I went to this sort of outdoor mall area that we have in my town. I had my headphones round my neck and I was texting some friends about animal crossing while I walked. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed this white blurr walking really quickly towards me and all of a sudden this guy stops me and goes "excuse me miss do you have the time" this was a perfectly innocent question so I just say "yeah it's 4:14" then without missing a beat he goes "do you have Snapchat" I'm feeling creeped out so I say "no" and then just as quickly he says "do you have a boyfriend" and at this point my spider Kiri sense's were tingling and so I said "yes" and ran to this clothes shop. I thought everything was going to be fine until seconds later this man has followed me into the clothes shop, I see the shop assistant and I just say "I'm really sorry to bother you but that man that just walked in has been following me" after the man sees me talking to the lady he runs out the shop but when her and her colleague check outside he's standing outside the DIY store opposite the clothes shop staring in. I'm freaking out at this point so I text my friends and I just say "some guy just started following me in town I'm literally so scared", "I walked into the clothing shop and hes followed me in!" The 2 women who worked in the clothes shop went outside and made a big deal of looking right at him and he walked into the DIY store, as soon as he did this I picked up my bagguete and started running like my life depended on it because for all I knew it did.

      When I got home I called 101 which is the non emergency police number in the UK and filed a police report on this Man.

      If something like this ever happens to you this is what you need to do
      • Get inside a building with other people in it
      • Let someone anyone know your location

      • Call a parent or a friend or anyone you trust to pick you up or walk you home
      • If neccisarily file a police report
      • If you saw the person who followed you had a weapon call the number for your police 999 for the UK or 911 for America
      • whatever you do, don't walk home alone!

      I didn't call my mum and I walked home alone, thankfully I got home fine but I made the mistake of not calling a parent or another adult.
      Kirigiri replied to Bioluminescence's comment below 2021-05-14 22:28:10
      what frightens me when I'm looking back at the whole situation is that he must have been walking right behind me when I went to the clothes shop and told the people that worked there what had happened if I had looked back while walking/running to that shop I would've seen him walking directly behind me and I just know he would have sped up because I think he was trying to steal my phone and my bag but the way he positioned his body he blocked my direct path and was also trying to reach into my bag at the same time.
      Bioluminescence said 2021-05-14 21:36:27
      I live in the East side of the UK and even my hometown has changed recently because there's high drug deals in my freaking hometown!, where all my friends are and family. It makes me worry since the biggest connection to clients and dealers is indeed Snapchat, people round the East get influenced with a bunch of drugs since it all originates from London.

      Drug crimes such as marajuana farms/sellers is still illegal and should be kept that way, people can smoke sure but anything that isn't legalised shouldn't.

      Sorry you had to experience that, I've had the same scenario where the person had a weapon and biked like my life depends on it. I came home crying, police at my house and ever since then I've never felt safe from pathway shortcuts.
      Kirigiri replied to minzy's comment below 2021-05-14 19:53:35
      oh exactly it's so disgusting and i was telling some friends on discord how in the UK statues have more rights than HUMAN WOMEN I'm sorry but in what reality should a statue get more protections than a human being. regardless of how someone feels about statues being taken down by protesters, women should get more rights than statues! after the death of Sarah Everad in the UK I think it made a lot of people including myself feel very unsafe but it's illegal in the UK for me to own Pepper spray, mace or a taser and without testing a personal attack alarm I don't know if it actually works. like if that man had attacked me yesterday and i had maced him i would be in just as much trouble FOR DEFENDING MYSELF as he would be if I'd just let him attack me.
      minzy replied to Kirigiri's comment below 2021-05-14 19:46:30
      Literally! It's bad enough the vast majority of us can't walk alone at night and have to be on edge. To not feel safe throughout the day when you're surrounded by other people just indicates how bad these situations are. Also, the response from those within positions of authority is disgusting. It amazes me that so many people couldn't fathom the reasons behind the recent women's protests within the UK and Australia when such a large majority of women and non-binary people have been victims of this sort of behaviour.
      Kirigiri replied to minzy's comment below 2021-05-14 09:40:48
      I couldn't agree more, when I called up 101 which is the non-emergency police line the lady goes to me "were you walking alone" and I was like yeah and then she goes "well that was silly wasn't it" and i was like wth I shouldn't have to feel unsafe going out on my own in broad daylight in a town that I've grown up in
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    •  avatar
      May 12, 2021, 9:50 pm to Public
      I have a youtube channel (i have done for a few weeks now) I might start uploading skin content on there but for the moment it's just videos of my dog so I mean if you like videos of dogs and the promise but no guarantee of stuff to do with Minecraft go check it out

      fluffybootz said 2021-05-13 01:01:24
      i love your dog thank you :((
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      May 10, 2021, 4:58 pm to Public

    •  avatar
      May 6, 2021, 3:43 pm to Public
      so i was chatting to this friend of mine about animal crossing (she doesn't play) and so i describe the game to her and she goes omfg that sounds like a really unrealistic game and i was like IT'S NOT SUPOSED TO BE REALISTIC KAREN!
      uwuzl said 2021-05-06 15:47:16
      i love acnh ;w;
      but nooooooooo its not meant to be realistic i mean your island is literally managed by a big fat raccoon!!
      AlderBee said 2021-05-06 15:44:58
      LOL I have never played animal crossing before, but YES, I can definitely tell that its not supposed to be realistic XDD
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