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waterflying001's Avatar waterflying001
Level 36 : Artisan Lemon
My OC FNaF player model.

Name: Eye To Eye

Nicknames: Unknown, Missing log, 64123, Bright eyes

He see all everything you even when you leave, he watches all of you and waits for the kill, he will steal your eyes,

Jump Scare: takes off his suit and screams or shreeks.

what night he is found on:

night 1 ,4 , sometimes overtime.

story: Unknown

gender: Unknown

Good or Bad: different everytime you meat him.

Overtime: will get payed a high then before.

overnight pay: $35.78, if hes their adds $79.99 [only if you survive]

Teleport: Anywhere he wants

he's a free will person who will determine if you live or die.

time in the night is mostly found: Unknown

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