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This Skin is an entry in the completed "Cyberpunk Reloaded" - Skin Contest.

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The year 2178, a neon world in which robotic and otherwise electronic devices run by the Earth's 'Super Corps', a world in which conscience and freedom was a rare commodity, locked away beyond reach, each individual controlled and manipulated so as to never know what it was to be conscious of your own thoughts and choices, instead the truth was shielded from their unseeing eyes.

When I was found and unknowingly "saved" by a group of outcasts who had undergone "cleansing", my existence had changed forever. It took me days to process what I saw, a torn world controlled by corporations with no moral sense, hundreds of thousands of individuals - no, that implies they acted upon their own accord - entities, entirely unaware of the unnatural world in which they had to work, feed and rest without question.

In an ironic twist, I hated it - freedom left me a criminal, empty and more significantly, horrified. I abandoned the outcasts who saw me as a tool to their revolution, I travelled for days on end, soaking in the neon lights, putrid streets and unending rain. My final destination, the place I sit here writing this, lays in the shadow of a skyscraper, lit dimly by the vivid lights across the street. I didn't consider my freedom worth having, it brought me more torment than I considered worth, the understanding of my world was not one I wanted to keep, and so, writing this experience down, I delve into my final thoughts.

...Executing Protocol 9; DEFRAGMENT
100% complete

That was an absolute mess, and I say this every time but I hope to re-do both the skin and the story at some point, but I lack the time for that right now. The story doesn't fit with the story particularly well either, but heck if i care !!
CreditKnight, ThatGuyJake, Allergy_Man

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09/25/2017 8:21 pm
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Pyro: says Enasni's messy, doesn't expect it to do well, gets first place. Noobator: says Fragmented's messy, doesn't expect it to do well, does he get first place?
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