Game of Thrones - Jon Snow (Season 5) Minecraft Skin
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Game of Thrones - Jon Snow (Season 5)

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Though presented as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, Jon is actually the son of Lady Lyanna Stark, Eddard's sister, and Rhaegar Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonstone. From infancy, Jon is raised by Eddard as his own alongside his lawful children at Winterfell but his true parentage is kept secret from everyone, including Jon himself. In order to escape his bastard status, Jon joins the Night's Watch and is eventually chosen as Lord Commander. However, his decision to allow thousands of Free Folk safe passage through the Wall alienates many of his black brothers, culminating in a mutiny where Jon is killed but he is later revived by Melisandre. Freed from his Night's Watch vows, Jon executes the mutineers and joins his cousin, Sansa Stark, in building an army to retake Winterfell from House Bolton. After securing help from a few other Northern Houses and House Arryn, they successfully retake the castle from Ramsay Bolton, restoring House Stark's dominion over the North with Jon being declared the new King in the North by the Northern Lords.

This skin features Jon Snow wearing his Night's watch leather tunic, as seen in season five.

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