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`` Hmm, what should I invent today..? `` (Spiidey, OC Maybe?)

`` Hmm, what should I invent today..? `` (Spiidey, OC Maybe?) Minecraft Skin
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avatar Iron-Spiider
Level 30 : Artisan Theorist

I got spotify recently.. so, that happened..
It's pretty great so far, I think I like it better than YouTube!

yeah I probably won't be linking music videos anymore, who knows..

Anyway, this is Zach I guess, I haven't decided on if he's actually gonna be a character or something..
Look, I randomly created him while trying to make a skin so uh yeahh..
Random obvious fact I guess: He's an Inventor..

also I have no promises on when I'm gonna make AND MORE IMPORTANTLY POST skins, they just kinda happen and I post 'em if I really feel like it..

and if for some reason you dunno if you can use it 'cause it's supposed to be an OC, just go right ahead I honestly couldn't care less as long as you credit me for it I guess.. :p

Random note: the goggles are kinda like 3D Glasses 'cause I like them too much now (thanks Dr. Who..)

Please do not re-post or edit this skin without my permission or claim as your own work, thank you! ~Iron-Spiider

Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms]

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