It's time to (Pokemon) GO! Minecraft Skin
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It's time to (Pokemon) GO!

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Glenwood avatar Glenwood
Level 53 : Grandmaster Goblin
Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been busy working at camp this week, but good news! I'm pretty much off of the rest of the summer =). I was originally going to post this around a week ago, but I first wanted to make sure it was alright with FennecFox to post because I noticed whilst in the middle of making this skin that the outfit was practically the same as her Pokemon Go Trainer skin. After she said it was alright, I planned on posting this skin, but never got around to it the past week (because of the aforementioned working at camp). The original idea for this skin came to me while making Misty a week back, which was to make my Pokemon Go avatar into a skin, and which evolved into basically the same outfit (+light blue highlights & no backpack) with different facial features to make it more... Mystic-y (I had planned to make a skin for each team but eventually decided against it for the reason I had no idea what the outfits, etc., would be). Sorry for the HUGE description on this skin, thanks for reading mah man!

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08/24/2016 7:18 pm
Level 28 : Expert Pokemon
LowPaidDeveloper avatar
can you make a male version?
07/29/2016 9:43 pm
Level 21 : Expert Princess
Rachel_Alucard avatar
Amaazingly cutee!!
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