Kakashi Hatake - First and Original skin used by Etho Minecraft Skin
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Kakashi Hatake - First and Original skin used by Etho

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themalta87's Avatar themalta87
Level 49 : Master Artist
So here is the story about this skin. This skin was one of my first skins ever created for Minecraft. It was created on October the 1st. 2010. and was uploaded on Skindex page with rest of my creations. What I didn't know, that this skin would be used by, now legendary, 'Let's play' youtuber Etho from EthosLab. By the time he got popular, I didn't play Minecraft anymore and eventually I forgot about that skin. At later date I returned to Minecraft and joined PlanetMinecraft, to find out that my skin is so popular and everyone who plays Minecraft knows about it. I was very happy to see that my skin become iconic to Minecraft World. On the other side, there were people claiming that they created this skin, reuploaded it over and over again and they were taking credit for it, and that made me little bit sad on the inside. So there were multiple skins of it on this page, then there was no point re-uploading it again to my account, because I could not prove it was originally created by me.. So why do it now? Skindex changed their website and I thought my original skin was lost forever, but I found out that there are archived skins with my original Kakashi skin and rest of my skins that i created at that date. So now i recovered my account on Skindex, and thought it would be the right time to post this original skin here on PlanetMinecraft, even thought there are several more skins of the same Kakashi here. So this is the story behind Kakashi skin that Etho uses all the time in Minecraft which we can see in his videos. Thank You Etho for using my skin and thank You for keeping it all this time, and one day, I hope you will see this post about it. I don't care if people will believe me or not, but I know its true and that I made it. So now, I present you the very first and original Kakashi Hatake skin which is used by Etho.
Thank You for reading my story.
Here is link with original skin on skindex page with some of my other skins:

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11/22/2013 7:13 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Yarck's Avatar
your not allowed to post things you did not make you know right? i'll wait for someone else to flag you :P
11/22/2013 7:20 pm
Level 49 : Master Artist
themalta87's Avatar
The point is I made it, check the link in description check the date of the original skin that was made and check the username. Its the same, prove me wrong.
11/22/2013 8:40 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Yarck's Avatar
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