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[Kari] 10年 || Second Persona

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TsukiaKari avatar TsukiaKari
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
What’s this? A second persona? *le gaspppp*

I love both feathered wings and bat wings so I created a second persona as the first had feathered wings, albeit holographic ^^

So this guy uses magic to conceal as much of his non-human parts as he can, like his claws, ears, horns, and fangs, but he doesn’t have enough to conceal his feet, slit pupils, wings, and tail.

Btw the thing on his neck is supposed to be one of those spiked chokers and his wings have a horn near the top middle :3

ℵ Bio
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Name: Jyuunen
Age: around 250
Hobbies: gaming, snoozing
Likes: beating others at games, music, flying, cool colors, anime
Dislikes: people beating him in games, being looked down upon, being outside
Height, weight: average teen
Sexuality: straightttt
Status: eh
Personality: introvert, tsundere, energetic, thrill-seeker, hardcore gamer, lazy sometimes
Extra: half dragon, has an ahoge :D

psst check out my alt account Jyuunen ;)

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