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    Female || Kari || 16

    Perfection is boring.


    Skin Requests:

    Art Requests:

    Skin/Art Trades:

    Skin/Art Collabs:


    PastelSasha | Kirigiri . CaelChan | WillowDear
    len-kun | BenEnder Chabilulu | Fawne

    Alt: Jyuunen

    To Do List (0/5 Slots Taken)

    probably upload kemu voxx series -
    definitely should skin more ocs too
    the festive monster's cheerful failure series
    more vocaloid
    I guess more fgo servants
    I should also skin some characters from anime I like

    Skin Request Slots

    (this used to be sub milestones but then decided I probs wouldn't actually be able to do everything so)

    Underlined names are my favs or just real underrated

    Vocaloid | Fate Series | Danganronpa

    Nier:Automata | Fate/Grand Order | Megadimension Neptunia VIIR | TWEWY | FFXIII-2 | Persona 5 | DDLC | FE3H | Guardian Cross | Project DIVA F 2nd | Project DIVA X | Love Nikki | Hatoful Boyfriend

    RPG Maker Games
    Mogeko Castle | WATGBS | The Gray Garden | Alice Mare | Lieat | 1BitHeart | The Faceless Double | Angels of Death | Ib | Blank Dream | Mad Father | Misao | Pocket Mirror

    Heaven's Memo Pad | Bungou Stray Dogs | K Project | Toaru Series | Nanbaka | The Irregular At Magic High School | ReLIFE | Houseki no Kuni | The Pet Girl of Sakurasou | Assassination Classroom | Angel Beats | Black Rock Shooter (TV Animation) | No Game No Life | Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun | Patema Inverted | Girls' Last Tour | Princess Principal | Magi | The Devil's a Part-Timer | Blood Lad

    Food Wars! | Kagerou Daze | The Festive Monster's Cheerful Failure | Obsolete Dream

    Music Producers
    Kairiki Bear | DECO*27 | Manbo-P | Jin | Giga-P | regulus | shitoo | wowaka | AVTechNO! | Circus-P | 40mP | Tys-P | inabakumori | niki | rerulili | kinoshita | *Luna | nekobolo | Tiara | Ryo Endo | Yunosuke | Camellia | nulut | papiyon | Hitoshizuku x Yamasankakkei | kemu | mothy | Utata-P | ryo (supercell)

    Support Stamp
    Ver. 1

    Ver. 2

    Ver. 3

    Request Form
    PM me with either the info below, a ref sheet of your character, or your own skin to reshade.

    Info needed for requests:

    Hair style & color
    Shirt/Dress style & color
    Pants/Skirt style & color
    Shoes & color
    Skin tone
    Eye color & design (one pixel high, two pixels, etc.)
    Accessories & their color palette
    Extras (wings, tattoos, whatever doesn't fit into accessories category)
    Skin Model (VERY IMPORTANT)

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  • Original Characters

  • Vocaloid Is My Life

    flower & Kagamine Len


    by *Luna

  • Others

    Pixel Art Credits
    Wings - vvhiskers

    Mechanical dividers & progress bars - Gasara

    Open, Ask Me, & Closed - Sukiie

    Black bar divider - neripixu

    Streetlights & Smoke - LudwigETC

    Stamps & Positive vibes circle divider - CosmicStardustTea

    Noir circle divider - KittensPurrgatory

    Notes - Drache-Lehre

    Notes divider - distorteddevil

    Gothic divider - AngelicHellraiser

    Sparkles - Nerdy-pixel-girl

    Tier Lists
    here have some vocaloid and fgo tier lists, might update in the future with more if I feel like making more

    specific order means within each tier, from left to right, up to down, is better to worse
    non-specific order means I didn't think of who's better within tiers

    all these tier lists are of nov 2020, may change over time and fgo will def add more servants

    Vocaloid Tier List by Voice (specific order):

    Vocaloid Tier List by Design (non-specific order):

    Fate/Grand Order Servants by Character (design has some influence on upper tiers, but mostly just how they act, characters not released in NA yet but are still tiered are cuz of the fan comics/memes lol) (non-specific order):

    also kadoc S-tier

    Requested or Gifted Art

    by Kirigiri

    by Artsy_Lady

    by Rhines

    by CaelChan

    by len-kun (she didn’t post publicly)

    Skin Fight 2020 Attacks:

    by Wildcard_Gamer

    by Chabileo

    by mirabilia

    by DragonsDungeon

    by FreezerBurntIceCubes

    by mothyy

    Unofficial Badges and Trophies

    Second place in StLee's Reshade Contest First Place in MysticMarineon's Back to School contest Participant badge for Hatsy's Limited Contest Third Place in Totocchio's Very Poetic Contest

    uh I extended this part of the widget but idk how to fill this empty space oof
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    [Kari] Niflheim || Main OC
    [Kari] ChronoPulse || Main OC (OLD VERSION)
    [Kari] Blanc || Alt Main OC
    [Kari] Sage || OC
    [Kari] Delinquent Rose || OC
    [Kari] Arsonist || OC
    [Kari] Gift || OC || Contest
    [Kari] Aishiteru, Boku no Hime-sama || OC ||  Adoptable CLOSED
    [Kari] KV01 || OC
    [Kari] Phantom Rose || OC
    [Kari] Happy Mother's Day! || OC
    [Kari] Heart Flood || OC || Lovefest
    [Kari] Heart Chrome || OC
    [Kari] Binary || OC
    [Kari] Smile || Contest Entry and OC
    [Kari] Soft || OC
    [Kari] Queen || Contest Entry & OC
    [Kari] Clockwork || OC || Contest Round 2
    [Kari] Funeral of Roses || OC
    [Kari] World's Only Hero || OC
  • Vocaloid Series (Ongoing)

    [Kari] Leia
    [Kari] Exorcism
    [Kari] Do my best!
    [Kari] Fräulein=Biblioteca
    [Kari] Unknown Mother Goose +School Ver.
    [Kari] D!scolor
    [Kari] Like Whatever
    [Kari] The Distortionist
    [Kari] Remember
    [Kari] Dear Chaos
    [Kari] SEAHOLLY
    [Kari] A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers
    [Kari] Hakoniwa no Yume +2 Ver.
    [Kari] The Snow White Princess is
    [Kari] The Transient Apple Salesgirl
    [Kari] Logic Agent
    [Kari] Ángel
    [Kari] Patchwork Staccato
    [Kari] Kaleido
    [Kari] Shallows
  • Fate/Grand Order Skins

    [Kari] F/GO - Abigail Williams
    [Kari] F/GO - Ishtar
    [Kari] F/GO - Henry Jekyll & Hyde +Hyde & Alt in Desc.
    [Kari] F/GO - Caster of Okeanos +Short Hair Ver. in Desc.
    [Kari] F/GO - Cleopatra
    [Kari] F/GO - Ereshkigal +Alt || Gift for Kirigiri
    [Kari] F/GO - Medusa (Lancer), aka Anna
    [Kari] F/GO - Arthur Pendragon
    [Kari] F/GO - Jack the Ripper +Alt in Desc.
    [Kari] F/GO - Euryale
    [Kari] F/GO - Mash Kyrielight (Ortinax) +Goggles Ver. in Desc.
    [Kari] F/GO - Rama
    [Kari] F/GO - Qin Liangyu
    [Kari] F/GO - Fuuma Kotarou +Alt in Desc.
    [Kari] F/GO - Quetzalcoatl
    [Kari] F/GO - Katsushika Hokusai
    [Kari] F/GO - Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
    [Kari] F/GO - First Hassan
    [Kari] F/GO - Ushiwakamaru
    [Kari] F/GO - Oryou-san
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