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Kotori Itsuka [Date A live]

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A middle school girl with twintails. She uses white hairbands while in 'sister mode'. Also, while in 'sister mode', she is not often seen wearing too much clothing that contains red. In 'commander mode', she uses black hairbands. She also wears a red coat, black tie with red sidelines, a red skirt with white cloth-like sticking out and a pair of black boots.

In her spirit form, she wears a pinkish red kimono and a pair of horns is tied to her black hairbands.





Kotori has three different personalities depending on the situation at hand. As a human, her personality changes according to the color of the ribbons she's wearing: when wearing white ribbons is that of her "weak self", a delicate little sister who is very dependant of her big brother; and when wearing black ribbons, she becomes her "strong self", a charismatic and sometimes cynical leader able to successfully command the Fraxinus. According to Reine, the Kotori with white ribbons is the one that can honestly say how she feels, which would mean that the Kotori with black ribbons is simply putting a strong front because the situation requires so.

In her spirit form, Kotori acts the same as her ribbons' current color indicates. But if she stays in her spirit form for too long, her third, "Spirit personality", takes over and she becomes an aggressive and merciless killing machine, who only cares about battling enemies to death. It could be said that battling strong opponents (and utterly destroying them) is her only interest.

In all three cases, Kotori seems to have a S side. Also, her deep feelings for Shido are always present regardless of her current personality and, furthermore, they even help her remember who she truly is no matter what the situation is: Shido's little sister.

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