Little Red Riding Hood ~ Into the Woods Contest Minecraft Skin

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Little Red Riding Hood ~ Into the Woods Contest

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Pixie_Blossom's Avatar Pixie_Blossom
Level 38 : Artisan Geek
I made this Little Red Riding Hood skin for the "Into the Woods" Skin Contest. I know it won't win as it isn't that amazing but I just wanted to have a go. ツ
Little Red Riding Hood ~ Into the Woods Contest Minecraft Skin

One Spring morning, Little Red Riding Hood's mother sent her off on an errand, "Take this basket of treats to grandma's house and make sure you don't talk to strangers along the way!" Little Red Riding Hood agreed as she grabbed her large, red cape and put it on, tying a large bow around her neck. She grabbed the basket of goodies and skipped out of the tiny cottage, waving to her mother as she left.
As Little Red, as her mother liked to call her, wandered through the mysterious forest, she began to hear leaves rustling and twigs snapping. Red became very nervous, looking around her to make sure she wasn't being followed. "Who's there?!", she called, shakily.
"It is I, the friendly old wolf!", replied the Big Bad Wolf as he jumped out from behind a spruce tree. "Where are you off to with that delicious basket of goodies?", he asked, eagerly.
Red had totally forgotten what her mother had told her and said, " I'm taking this basket to my grandmother's house."
*How nice, well I better be off." The wolf ran into the woods and seemed to be gobbled up by the vast vegetation.

Little Red Riding Hood didn't seem at all freaked out about how a wolf could talk and carried on walking through the forest until she came to her grandmother's house and knocked loudly on the wooden door. Little did she know, The Big Bad Wolf had sneaked into her granmother's cottage and eaten her whole! He then dressed up in some of the old women's clothes that he had found in her cupboard and hidden under the bed covers.

Trying his best to sound like an old women, the wolf cried, "Come in, my dear"
Little Red calmly made her way to grandma's bedroom. She gently left the basket of goodies on the bed and looked up at grandma. Shocked at what she saw, she cried, "Oh my! What big eyes you have grandma!"
"All the better to see you with, my dear," replied the wolf.
"My! What big ears you have grandma!
"All the better to ear you with my dear," the wolf thought about how easy this was going to be. Had she never seen her grandma before?
"Oh my! What bi-," before Red could finish the sentence, the Big Bad Wolf gave an impatient snarl and leaped out of the bed, chasing Red around the house.
As Red screamed her head off, the woodcutter barged through the door with his axe! He sliced open the belly of the wolf and grandma, who was magically still alive came out, covered in slime. 

The End

I Hope you enjoyed my version of Little Red Riding Hood. - Pixie


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10/20/2016 6:22 am
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10/20/2016 6:24 am
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08/18/2015 7:57 pm
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This is great, wow. *~*
08/19/2015 5:43 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Geek
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Thank you :)
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