Mipha [Zelda] [Human] [Trapped in darkness, serving to protect] Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed "Light vs Darkness" - Skin Contest.

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Mipha [Zelda] [Human] [Trapped in darkness, serving to protect]

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Mipha [Zelda] [Human] [Trapped in darkness, serving to protect] Minecraft Skin

My light versus dark entry is: Mipha, from Zelda with a Humanized twist. - The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.
Although she was trapped in the darkness, she fought to be freed and thus committed her promise to heal the hero of time.

Mipha [Zelda] [Human] [Trapped in darkness, serving to protect] Minecraft Skin

Mipha is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is the Princess of the Zora and a major character. Mipha is also the Zora Champion.

Mipha was killed by Waterblight Ganon during the Great Calamity. Mipha's spirit was then trapped within the Divine Beast as it was corrupted by Waterblight Ganon, only being freed when Link slew the demon a century after her demise. Fulfilling her promise to heal and protect Link, her spirit then gives Link the use of Mipha's Grace, her power to heal others.

Mipha [Zelda] [Human] [Trapped in darkness, serving to protect] Minecraft Skin

Although Mipha was struck with a saddened fate and trapped in the darkest of times, she rose above it all and protected the hero of time in an attempt to save Hyrule.

She wielded the Lightscale Trident. After her death, the Zora people tried sending it drifting down Zora River to help Mipha's soul find peace, but as they did the trident began to glow and Mipha spoke through it, saying "The Lightscale Trident and I are one... Abandon your grief and know joy once again. Do not cry...just remember."


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03/03/2023 8:54 pm
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Omg love it
03/21/2023 12:35 am
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Thank you so much!
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