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OneBehindTheHair's Avatar OneBehindTheHair
Level 43 : Master Goblin
"There were long hairy breeches of some unclean beast-fell, and a tunic of dirty leather. He drew them on. Over the tunic went a coat of stout ring-mail, short for a full-sized orc, too long for Frodo and heavy. About it he clasped a belt, at which there hung a short sheath holding a broad-bladed stabbing-sword. Sam had brought several orc-helmets. One of them fitted Frodo well enough, a black cap with iron rim, and iron hoops covered with leather upon which the evil Eye was painted in red above the beaklike nose-guard."

New skin, mostly based on how I tend to draw Orcs. It's more-or-less accurate to the book, aside from some details I like to add.

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Karl Gobert
07/27/2019 5:24 am
Level 32 : Artisan Goblin
Karl Gobert's Avatar
Didn't expect you to acutally do it, WITH THE BEAK HELM NONE THE LESS! I find LOTR Orcs aren't really made that much and I don't know why. They just got so much character to em, keep up the good work.
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