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NormalCD is a character created by JesterFrog and then given to x_guttedangel and averyavary. He is the main protagonist of the story that shares his name and is the son of Revived. He was created on January 19th, 2022.

Normal is a short, stony blue and teal creature that somewhat resembles sonic. He has four head quills instead of the traditional three, and he has four back spines instead of two. He has darkened stripes on his arms, legs, and tail. His eyes are constantly different sizes, and his mouth cartoonishly stretches off the side of his muzzle. He also has black marks around his eyes. As glass cannon, he was taller, did not wear gloves, had visible fluff on his cheeks similar to Revived, and had fluff on his chest. After meeting curse, he regains a bit of his old height, grows out his spines a bit more, and the ends of his quills darken. he also regains his chest fluff. He’s a chaotic, goofy little guy who just wants the best for all of his friends. Normal is not a traditional EXE, rather, an experiment made by Revived, in an attempt to create life out of soul glass. This technically makes Normal Revived’s biological son.

He will appear in the upcoming FNF: Illegal Instruction mod!

Art Of NormalCD.
CreditJesterFrog - Character's Original Creator

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