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DC - Psycho Pirate (Alt in Desc.)

DC - Psycho Pirate (Alt in Desc.) Minecraft Skin
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avatar Norman You Know
Level 13 : Journeyman Fisherman
Description from Wikipedia: "Roger Hayden is a jailed gangster (later retconned into a young 20-year-old who was sentenced to a year in prison for attacking his emotionally abusive psychiatrist father) who is a cellmate to Halstead on Earth-Two. Halstead's dying wish, to have a legacy, prompts him to tell Hayden of a secret which he has divined in his jail years: the existence of the Medusa Masks. These golden masks bestow upon the wearer the power to project emotions onto others. Hayden finds these masks, merges them into a single faceplate and uses its powers to become a supervillain. It becomes increasingly apparent that he is addicted to absorbing others' emotions, though it causes him pain, possibly brought on by the combination of all of the masks into one. He is eventually imprisoned after a battle with Doctor Fate and Hourman."

A skin I started then got sidetracked and made a version that was as close to his appearance in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon as possible. So yeah, enjoy both.

Here's the Alt Justice League Unlimited skin file:



2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 07/25/2020 1:44:21 amJul 25th

-Re-designed legs to better represent the boots and underpants
-Changed some shading on the chest
-Added some shading to the head that I forgot about
-Made main color of the mask a little darker to better transition between colors
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