"always arrives overdone" ; persona Minecraft Skin
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"always arrives overdone" ; persona

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ruietto's Avatar ruietto
Level 53 : Grandmaster Poro
new persona/oc since i'm not that happy with my last one (the witch in the green uniform)
her name's calixi (she/her) and here's some stuff about her:

- the horns are just based off the fiends from chainsaw man cuz good manga
- her favorite color is red (obviously lmao)
- her favorite musical is Sweeney Todd, seconded by Chicago
- she likes raccoons (trash pandas) and kiwi

how I designed her to feel more connected with her
- her hair is based off of mine irl; mine has a big side part in the same direction
and my bangs and underlayer are dyed red
- also, my hair's about that long relative to my body too so
- my eyes are also brown, but a much darker shade, like dark chocolate with a hint of milk
- other than the hair thing and red/black being an amazing combo,
her color scheme also comes from how I used to really be into card games

"always arrives overdone" ; persona Minecraft Skin

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꒰ ㅤa little priestㅤ ᵕ̈ ↷ ㅤsweeney todd: demon barber on fleet streetㅤ ꒱

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