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Vilfire avatar Vilfire
Level 3 : Apprentice Skinner
The sworn defender of Icarus, the busiest hub for interstellar adventure. Sentinel-VI acts as a last resort saved for forces that the common law enforcers can't bring down. The toga that Sentinel-VI bares comes from a distant earth where the wear of ancient Greek has been making a comeback with an entire Greek renaissance.
Sentinel-VI is equipped with a state of the art shield system, a storage unit, two very powerful and retro rocket boots, the best helmet money can buy, a black under suit that adds an extra layer of protection once the shields falter, and enhanced reflexes.
May Icarus fly once more.
Burning passion.
Fueled by fire.
Happy 2021! One week down 51.143 to go!
It hasn't been a good start, however I remain an optimist. I had a lot of fun making this character and I hope you can find use for it. All I ask is that you please at least credit my work. If you choose not to I will personally do nothing about it. I'm rambling though, so please remember to like the skin if you enjoy it and feel free to leave suggestions.
Skinner Vilfire.
CreditMy new sketchbook, my old one was too small and full.
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