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    color_lensHey there, I'm VilFire!brush
    Vil for short. I make skins, art, and builds. I enjoy long walks on the beach and not uploading videos.

    Jan. 25th is my birthday!
    #d32b51 is my favorite color

    I'm currently on the journey of learning how to use blender and I soon want to learn world edit so I can join a build team. I was a former builder on Lifeboat's CM2 where I worked with a group of people on a city called primrose, but that was before CM2 went down the drain.
    I watch HermitCraft and have the very far away dream of one day joining but my inexperience with youtube is holding me back. Hopefully we'll get there one day but until then any and all support is valued immensly. :]

    Some Builds I've made

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    The Original Characters of the Sketch Books
    Spell Realm
    Miles Strongcrown
    This is Miles Strongcrown. Once a knight, now an adventuring spellsword with determination to fix his past. His enchanted helmet is the only thing that remains of his days in knighthood. (Fun Fact: His early designs are Minecraft skins on my profile, one of which was from 2012!)

    Unnamed Future Setting
    Maxwell Skyborn
    A swarm of hexagonal drones, a city to fight for, and rocket boots! Maxwell's head, part's of his torso and many parts of his limbs were critically injured. When presented with lemons, cybernetically enhance them to make them better and stronger. And make lemonade he did! It took time to adjust to the reality he was now living, but after learning to overcome his doubts and fears he became a hero

    Sentinel-VI is equipped with a state of the art shield system, a storage unit, two very powerful and retro rocket boots, the best helmet money can buy, a black under suit that adds an extra layer of protection once the shields falter, and enhanced reflexes.

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    WelsKnight (HermitCraft Series Final)
    Iskall85 (HermitCraft Series)
    Max the Cyborg
    Roland Hatondi
    Holy $#!? it's Hatsune Miku a Japanese Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media
    Grian! A Level 20 special!
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
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