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Skullgirls - Painwheel

Skullgirls - Painwheel Minecraft Skin
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avatar JillSting
Level 50 : Grandmaster Lad

I've recently gotten into playing Skullgirls Mobile, and since I haven't made a skin or had any motivation in the last 5 to 6 months, I decided to remake the characters and kill some time. There is a total of 10 other skins I will be posting of the various characters. I hope you enjoy them. :D

There is a possibility that I will make the custom color palette versions of the characters, but it has not been decided. If I do decide to make each one (which there are a lot of) I will leave an link here to an Imgur album with each variant, rather than spam each one individually.

Please note: I know she does not have the pinwheel blades (or shuriken throwing star) attached to her back. It was too difficult to actually make them, so I decided to just make her without them. This is the same for each character with weapons or extra details attached to them.

Here is a link to her wiki if you are interested in knowing more about the character:

CreditI do not own any of the characters. All credit goes to the creators at Lab Zero Games.
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