Spot-Bot E900 {3D Effects!} Minecraft Skin

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Spot-Bot E900 {3D Effects!}

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QwertyDoodle's Avatar QwertyDoodle
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
Spot-Bot E900 Provided By Qwerty Co. (Only 449 Guineas)
"The Spot-Bot E900 is the latest instalment in the "Spot-Bot" collection, Qwerty Co. are proud to present the finest machinery in Minecraftia. The Spot-Bot E900 can be useful for many things, From peeking at the locals to catching pickpockets. For only 449 Guineas, this model comes with the best 2.1 speaker system in its chest (That's right, it also picks up sound!)
Specifications for Spot-Bot E900
  • Fully functional and powered by zombie juice.
  • All joints are well oiled and made from the highest quality iron locally sourced in the North Minecraftian Region.
  • 100% quality guarantee.
  • Crafted with the finest diamond materials and fused to the highest possible standard.
  • Can be controlled by a Radio-Wave Controller or can function on its own using the finest AI technology.
  • ONE SIZE ONLY: 64x32 pixels (in net form)
  • 2.1 High Quality Speaker System
  • High Quality Retina Projector/Display
(Warning: We take no responsiblity for any legal battles people wish to take against your use for the Spot-Bot E900)----------------------------------------NOTE: This was made for the Steampunk Skin Contest on PMC's birthday! Please show your support for this skin by giving Diamonds! (Oooh, Diamonds!) and commenting :D Thank You!ALSO: Didn't notice this when making it, but the eye appears to look down when you sneak :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PMC!: I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to experience a new way to enjoy Minecraft! although there are the amazing servers to play and fantastic things to create and find, Planet Minecraft and its amazing users have inspired me to start making skins for the fantastic community. I would never have found the many servers I have explored (No griefing, I must add :D) or the skins and adventure maps if it wasn't for you! Thank you for EVERYTHING! :D---------------------------------------------
Thank you also to the many people who add Skins, Textures, Projects, Servers, Blog posts and more every minute of every day. You shape the community of Minecraft. If your thinking of creating something (Big or small) please do, even if you think it's rubbish, this is the first steps you will take into something great! No matter who you are, there is always someone who will see what you do, maybe you will turn into a "Master" or float around in level 7-11 but please continue to create and thrive and contribute to the wonderful community that is here :D Thank You!
-Thanks for looking and this skin and I hope you like it, Please check out my other skins if you want - But I won't "make" you... *Innocent Face*... :)-
I Continue to try and make my skins better and better each time, therefore ALL comments (And diamonds!) are strongly valued. Even if you think a comment is too negative about my work, seriously don't worry! I am happy to get criticism as it helps me to possibly improve that work AND future works! Thank you! :D

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Update #6 : by QwertyDoodle 11/18/2011 12:20:17 pmNov 18th, 2011

Some tiny extra adjustments to wires + Fixed small problem with the feet :D

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11/20/2011 12:38 am
Level 44 : Master Lad
SuperSodaPops's Avatar
I like this! Nice description! :D
11/20/2011 5:23 am
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
QwertyDoodle's Avatar
Thanks :D
11/16/2011 12:07 pm
Level 47 : Master Pixel Painter
Raxos's Avatar
No Creeper-Bot anymore?

I like it though! :D
11/16/2011 12:11 pm
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
QwertyDoodle's Avatar
I still have Creeper-Bot uploaded :D Just decided that this seemed more original for the contest :)
11/15/2011 5:18 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Blockhead
skaterjoe22's Avatar
wow this is pretty cool
11/16/2011 2:51 am
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
QwertyDoodle's Avatar
Thanks :D
11/14/2011 3:38 am
Level 37 : Artisan Demolitionist
JKConquerer's Avatar
This is GREAT!
11/14/2011 11:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
QwertyDoodle's Avatar
Thanks very much :)
11/13/2011 7:08 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Slime Tamer
M1CKY's Avatar
Nice! :)
11/13/2011 7:52 am
Level 26 : Expert Skinner
QwertyDoodle's Avatar
Wow! :) Thanks, I have to say, yours is quite incredible :D