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327th Corps History

The 327th Star Corps was deployed for the first time at the First Battle of Geonosis and remained active all the way to the last days of the Clone Wars. Jedi General Aayla Secura was assigned to the Corps after her mission to Hypori, which took place four months into the war. Due to his ARC training, Clone Marshal Commander Bly had misgivings about Secura's Jedi way of doing things, but over time he came to understand her strategies, and the two forged a close relationship.

Under the control of General Aayla Secura and Commander Bly, the 327th served as the Republic's spearhead into the Outer Rim Territories in the latter days of the Clone Wars. Their reputation was derived from the actions they engaged in on the Outer Rim, never seeing Coruscant and rarely stationed in one place for more than a week. The troopers of the 327th saw action on such diverse worldsas New Holstice, Anzat, Dromund Kaas, Honoghr, Quell, and Alzoc III.

The corps was deployed in full force during the Republic's five-monthsiege of Saleucami, which pitted the Jedi and their clone troopers against a massive Morgukai clone army. After the CIS forces were crushed, the 327th were deployed to the Commerce Guild purse world Felucia in anattempt to capture Presidente Shu Mai. Arriving aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Intrepid, the initial days of the assault saw a string of success for Bly and his troops, despite the fact that Shu Mai managed to elude capture.

As the 327th pushed through the planet's southern hemisphere, Bly received Order 66 via a top-secret channel. Order 66 branded Aayla Secura and the rest of the Jedi in command of the corps as enemies of the Republic. When Aayla was distracted by a low-flying bird, Bly and his lieutenants poured blaster fire into their Jedi General. The 327th continued to faithfully serve the Empire after its creation.

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