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As promised, today I will be posting my stylized versions of the toy animatronics!

I thought I'd start with my favorite one first! That being:


For this version of toy Chica, I wanted to go further on that "let's party" aspect of her, and turned her into an 80's style party chic!

Going off of old but modernly acceptable, I picked an outfit that would cover her whole body, like I did for the others (with a half exception of the regular Chica who just wears an apron and a skirt with long socks- AND SLIPPERS)! I gave her a polka-dot bow on her head with some pretty white and blue earrings! A long black dress that covers her torso, and a pink see through top to add to it!

she wears a belt around her waist with gold metal buttons on the front, with the words "Party" in purple monogrammed on the back! Don't worry, I didn't forget to add the bib part, the back of the belt covers it for us!

and last but not least, her knee high heel boots! When adding this feature, it made me think of a rebellious 80's highschool teenager who likes to party til dawn! I knew right then, that was just what it needed to be complete! I hope you can agree!

I also hope this makes up for my poor performance on my last post, rushing with the Foxy drawing and all that-

with these stylish iterations of how I see the animatronics, I think they are all tied to teach kids lessons, just like I imagined they do in the original with their purposes as animatronics!

I feel toy Chica would be a lesson in learning how to have fun and not to be afraid to show your inner self and let out your wild side to party! I think I captured that aspect pretty well with her too!

I hope you all like her! Thank you so much!✌🥰

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