Superman - The Animated Series Minecraft Skin
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Superman - The Animated Series

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HappyMarJam's Avatar HappyMarJam
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Based on the Timmverse Superman, which is my favourite version of Superman. This Superman really does believe that he's a human, When he first goes into space it's in an astronaut suit, because he has no idea that he can breathe in space. This version of Superman was significantly downplayed compared to his comic book counterpart. Where as in the comic he could lift millions or billions of tons effortlessly, this version struggled lifting trucks, construction equipment, roadways, etc. While that may make it easier on the writers, I do prefer a Superman that can't wipe out a solar system from a sneeze.
Superman - The Animated Series Minecraft Skin

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Update #2 : by HappyMarJam 05/05/2019 8:24:26 pmMay 5th, 2019

The last time I updated this skin was on Sep 20th, 2014, 5 years ago. It looked more like fuzzy wuzzy Superman, than Superman. If you would still like to see it (I don't know why you'd want to.) Look down below.

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