Thaelin Darkanvil - WoM #8 Minecraft Skin
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Thaelin Darkanvil - WoM #8

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Thaelin Darkanvil - WoM #8 Minecraft Skin
Welcome back to the official World of Minecraft skin series! Overtime, famous World of Warcraft characters and armor are being added to the collection. These are the perfect skins to enjoy the World of Minecraft HD Resource Pack with, the most successful World of Warcraft themed Resource Pack of all time. A download link is below, along with a brief character description of Thaelin Darkanvil. Thanks for dropping in, be sure to go check out the Resource Pack!

Download the Official Resource Pack Here:

Thaelin Darkanvil - WoM #8
Thaelin Darkanvil is a Dark Iron dwarf and genius engineer of the Dark Iron clan that accompanied the Alliance on the alternate Draenor. He set up a bunker and secret workshop in Gorgrond, but was kidnapped by the Iron Horde who forced him to work for them, until he was saved. Thaelin has numerous creations, among which a personal ram-headed siege engine named The Tank, and a Dark Iron golem named The Suit which he could equip, but it was destroyed.

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07/12/2018 9:22 pm
Level 42 : Master Network
_X_Bow_'s Avatar
How many are you planning to do?
07/12/2018 10:24 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Ninja
NinjaWorgen's Avatar
MANY... I want the World of Minecraft Official Skin Series to be the "go to" archive of World of Warcraft Skins that the community goes for. In fact I won't even be the sole creator of all the skins, I plan on also having skin competitions where skin artists can get their WoW themed skins in the series as well. So to answer your question? There is no end in sight... ;D