That Even Gods Could Not Create - Saudade [What's In a Word?] Minecraft Skin
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That Even Gods Could Not Create - Saudade [What's In a Word?]

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That Even Gods Could Not Create

Skin woo!
No, it is not a wedding dress, and the kaeya lookin colors are a coincidence
Not a huge fan of big wings because its hard to play with them but eh it fits the vibe better

Senmaicia created. She created the emotions that beat in our hearts, the feeling of sorrow and grief to make sure that all those never made the same mistake. To create a better human. But with that came greed, desire, and... Evil. She wanted to make humans the perfect being in the gods' image, yet that could never be. She felt the sorrow that she created, the grief that she created, over something that could not be created. No matter what. Senmaicia, overwhelmed with ungodly emotion, fell into a deep slumber. Humans began to lack empathy and feeling, doing whatever it takes for emotion, happiness and pleasure from greed. Without mercy. And thus began the downfall of Earth.

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