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The Horror from the Seas!

The Horror from the Seas! Minecraft Skin

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avatar aneckdope
Level 4 : Apprentice Mage
Bill Johnson have been a sailor for his entire life, even as a kid he was playing with toy ships and fishing imaginitive fishes from the pond near his house, he followed his dad's and grandad's steps of the sailor.

It was a usual journey, Bill and his team were riding their ship through the calm sea, but then, the storm appeared from nowhere.
When the mightful wave fell on Bill's ship he dropped off the board and since that very night nobody ever saw him alive, nor dead.
A couple days later bill found himself on a dark-gray beach, it was unusually cold for these places, after a couple of hours walking around the island he found a grim tower...

When Bill finally reached the tower and entered it creepy old man greeted him and gave him food, water, new clothes and shower.
It was getting late, Bill was feeling very sleepy, kind old man said that he can rest in one of the many guest rooms. Bill fell asleep.
He was not able to open his eys, the only thing he felt is immeasureable pain and smell of blood and fish.
From that moment every day was same as the previous - pain, disgusting smell of rotenning fish and his own blood.

But one day life gave him a chance to escape - doctor turned away to find an instrument he needed, so Bill had a chance to knock him out and escape, that's what he did.

Even today people keep discussing poor Bill's fate and wonder who is that strange man "dressed" like a shark wonders around the beach almost every night.
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

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