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//the moss//

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rainyafternoon avatar rainyafternoon
Level 28 : Expert Procrastinator
wow i'm so productive this weekend lmao
honestly just listen to the song its a bop and I would include all of it here but I can't lol

//skindex version//

//name inspo: The Moss by Cosmo Sheldrake
But have you heard the story of the rabbit in the moon
Or the cow that hopped the planets while straddling a spoon
Or she, who leapt up mountains while whistling up a tune
And swapped her songs with swallows while riding on a broom
But we can all learn things, both many and a few
From that old hunched woman who lived inside a shoe
Or the girl that sang by day and by night she ate tear soup
Or the man who drank too much and he got the brewers droop
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