Trainer Hilbert - Pokemon Black and White Minecraft Skin
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Trainer Hilbert - Pokemon Black and White

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spruce's Avatar spruce
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Hey Guyz... How ya doin?
Recently, I havent done skins, simply because i felt demotivated to do it...
Meanwhile, I grabbed my gameboy, and played pokemon... And I had this crazy ideia for a game that made this skin.
You might not (most certainly not) know that Steven is my favorite character on pokemon, so I made, based on the sprite, a skin, and for me, the skin had come out pretty epic. So I made this kind of skining game:
-Grab a trainer sprite from the net
-With gimp take all the colors
-Only using the colors I had took from gimp, make a skin based on the sprite.

Hope you like my skin, since Im BORED at home doing nothing better than playing games and skining, I will be, from now on, making every trainer based on the sprite, It might even be a skin pack, Ill think about it later...

Here is the sprite of Hilbert:
Ps: I will probably do a bag version later, maybe tomorrow Bag version Uploaded! Check In the Update logs

If you like this skin and the game I made up to make this skin, check the pre-ideia ive had to make this skin
My first try at this new game:

See ya, Pants Out!
Special thanks to bulbagarden for awesome sprites to help me do this skin

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by spruce 07/28/2013 7:13:38 amJul 28th, 2013

Now with Hair! (I forgot to make the hair when I uploaded, lol)
Also Uploaded Bag Version

The skin:

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02/09/2014 3:31 pm
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