Tranquil Minecraft Skin
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Nudle avatar Nudle
Level 46 : Master Ladybug
TLDR; Looking at how edgy I was and reflecting on it

So I was minding my business as I do- scrolling through my old submissions looking for re-makes and I forgot about BRAWL HOLY HELL I was a edgy depresso as a 15 year old BAHAHA.

I made Brawl just after I deleted a lot of my old portfolio- which I believe actually got me up to level 30. Very weird to get it twice- let me tell you. I actually kept some of those very old skins and might re-make them on my skindex account since they were quite casual.

Brawl meant a lot for me because it channelled rebirth- a new beginning. 5 years on I cannot say I have many friends on PMC (timezones do that to you), but I slowly and surely earned respect- something I never thought I could get all those years ago. I'm so grateful for that- even if I left my OC in the dust BAHAHA. I'm not even gonna attempt re-drawing my OCs oof.

While I close the curtains on Brawl, I do open the hope to do some more OCs of mine- and see where my creativity takes me <3

Noodle out!

(old skin for ref, I didn't rEALLY remake it, more just normalise it)

Tranquil Minecraft Skin
CreditThe old hair in Brawl was still fire- you cannot say otherwise

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