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Transformers: DotM Shockwave (64x64) + Announcement

Transformers: DotM Shockwave (64x64) + Announcement Minecraft Skin
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Started working on this a while ago, was the initial inspiration for this wave of Transformers skins that I've been doing. Since doing the Bedrock version, I've gone back and updated this one. Then I started on my next project and decided to couple the info I'm giving to you as well as this skin into one post. I have no updates on whether I'm going to continue the Transformers skins (they would all be in the Bedrock format, unlike this one), but I do have general info regarding what I will be uploading.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT - For those that came here due to my Destiny skins, do I have some news. As you're all well aware, I've been doing a lot of D2 skins recently, whether they're things I missed out on during my 2-year hiatus or updating pre-existing ones by either remaking them entirely or tweaking some of the finer details. Well, due to the announcement of Beyond Light and the Fallen there having D1 armor, I looked back at my D1 skins and said "wow, that's horrible".

And thus, I began redoing a LOT of my D1 skins. Note that this won't include NPCs or Guardians. It also won't include Harpies, Servitors, Ogres, Hydras, etc. This will be strictly normal bipedal enemies based on my roster for D2 skins. I just finished the basic Vex now, as all they needed was a recolor (no bosses, Precursors, or Descendants yet), but know that there's more to go. The final step of this project will be an overhaul on the Taken, since many of the models will have been redone. This extends to D2 Taken as well, since they use D1 models.

This will take some time, so be patient. Honestly the likelihood that I'll be done with Beyond Light stuff before I'm done with the D1 revamp is... VERY high. So yeah, that's the news.

UPDATE - Not to the skin, but I'm done with the project announced here.
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