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Tunkijo [Also Contest Entry]

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Shared lore with Brain Juice's Kijotun

After years of praying, growing old together, and yet alone, Lee and Quinn finally got their wish to come true. Under the lucky star of Guanyin, Quinn became fertile. She was catching the last coach to the road of pregnancy, as her age was dusking quickly. And so, the child was born. From the moment it reached the surface of the Earth, it was different. Illuminating the space and emotions around him with light, he was a special little kid. With his godly component, he was a new demigod, meant to save the human race from all the darkness. He was Tunkijo, the demigod of light.
As he grew, so did his powers. Training every day to improve, becoming better and better. And as his powers bloom, his mother’s health withered, and not a single doctor or shaman could help her. But as she was slowly dying, Tunkijo felt more and more connected to her. There was… something of his forgotten deep inside of her. A part of a god, trapped inside of his mother, slowly killing her because of the paradox it created. He used last of his powers to save her, but it was all a failure. She passed away, and her soul flew to the centre of the lotus. But what she left behind was something amazing. A baby, so pale and weak, but still alive. And with good care, Tunkijo saved his sister, and gave her the name of Kijotun.
But now, his powers were gone. They faded away into his sister, the new demigod of life. And as much as he loved her, he couldn’t get rid of this awful feeling of… jealousy. It was eating him, from the inside. And as much as he would fight it, it would fight back, harder. Until, one day, it got to him. He could not fight it anymore, and he just let it sink in. He became Tunkijo. The true Tunkijo. The demigod of death. He locked himself away, not to be a threat to the world, until the day his sister would be strong enough to defeat this darkness inside of him.
And so Kijotun grew. Training every day to improve, becoming better and better. And as her powers bloom, her memories of a brother faded away, slowly, but surely, disappearing from her head. Growing up with her father was rough. He couldn’t help her with her training, nor her life. He had to take care of herself, for the most part. And even though she was treated as a hero, she felt alone. Everyone would fear her. Run away from her. Hide her children. And she never knew why. Until the day her powers reached the maximum.
Like a flower seeking for light, her brother slowly crawled out of the darkness he was hiding in. His red eyes gloomed, leaving fear on every step of his way. Drowning villages in sorrow, killing just by pointing his finger. Getting closer and closer to the light that is calling for him. And then, the final duel unveils.
As he cleans the blood of his Dao, gently smiling at the dead bodies in front of him, with one slice, he cuts her head off, and brings it with him as a trophy. The Dao returns into the darkness it once was, and through his nostrils and eyeballs returns into the empty shell of his body. That is it. The Darkness has won, and the clouds of darkness shall capture the escaping souls, torturing them for the years to come. And nobody shall stand in his way.

massive thanks to CrazyPigglet for the story(of which I was meant to write myself, but procrastinated instead of doing so)
CreditCrazyPigglet, Brain_Juice

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why this is not downloadable... aww. Anyway great skins you have :)
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Honestly didn't realize! I'm not sure I still have the original skin file, but I might remake it anyway
07/18/2021 3:55 pm
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2 years later baby
07/13/2016 12:57 pm
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(whistles loudly)
07/11/2016 5:54 am
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is that a rat tail?

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