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    Nate l 21 l USA
    I'm retired.
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    Mortificata Lacrimis

    Autumn burns in peaceful flame

    A quiet death, cold winter’s game
    Across the dead horizon line
    Red and gold, death mask divine

    The sun itself slows down its roll
    The moon steps up to pay its toll
    Flora et fauna tardus in tempore
    Ipsam terram gloria renovare

    Softened ground from tears of sky
    The lords of the air all start to cry
    A dulled pale glowing light of day
    Plunging lifeblood deep in dry decay

    The stormfly dies vainglorious death
    The stormcrow crying shibboleth
    Corvus vocat mori neniam
    Per lacrimas et imbres veniam

    Old winter walks the valley of death
    The yearling breathes a stormy breath
    Bleed the trees, strip them to bone
    The jackrabbit spends his days alone

    The red leaves fall and mold and rot
    The cardinal cries the cold he’s bought
    Vide lacrimas mortuorum
    Ad solis occasum argentum
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