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OC for vonk's CONIDAE thing :)

This is Shihong
Say hi

She's the only one of mine who gets a sketch cause I'm lazy

Anyways basic infos

Name: Shihong - (she/her)
Codename: ๏ปฟCookie
Gem color: Dark silver-grey (like grey tourmaline)
Power: Pretty much the metal-bending in ATLA ig
Weapon: Shurikens (and sometimes forks)
Basic backstory

One day Shihong’s younger brother had been cooking food for her family’s supper, and accidentally started an oil fire in the kitchen but being a young kid he tried pouring water on it, which only made things worse. Shihong ran downstairs when the fire alarms started going off, and freaked out when she saw the big ol’ fire on the kitchen stove. Long story short somehow she gets a metal cookie sheet to fly over and land on top of the fire, putting it out, and discovered her metal-moving powers

very basic, I'd add more but vonk said he was working on some more story stuff for it and I don't want to screw that up lol

ugly sketch ew
where you wanted / oc Minecraft Skin


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