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    Hmmm... Let's see here. Stuff about me...

    Well, I like playing Minecraft (duh). I also like WoW (World of Warcraft) and Dungeons and Dragons. Tieflings are the supirior race (I totes spelled that right). I also like writing stories though I've never actually finished one, I normally trash them after writing for a week. I need help with doing stuff long-term.

    I like making banners & skins for Minecraft. I do like doing player skins but for some reason I always mess up on the hair : ( . I also feel that I'm pretty good at re-shading skins as well.
    I sometimes make banners on Minecraft Tools, for some reason I made two username thingies, one is humanbean24 and the other is sadsoul. I also like memes so there may be a lot coming from me cause I get bored easily.

    I like crasins.
    Bananas are gross and mushy.
    The smell of marinara sauce makes me want to barf (I don't know what I'm doing here).

    Yeah well, stuff about me.
  • Me Playing Minecraft for the First Time T_T

    Okay, so I first played Minecraft on the PC when I was a young child in...……...kindergarten? I think. Maybe.
    Anyway, so I was stupid. Very stupid. I had NO IDEA of what I was doing back then, and so I went into creative and then I was wandering around because I didn't know how to do anything and then all of a sudden it was night.
    For some reason I was afraid of the monsters. First I flew up into a tree to hide from a spider. And then I found a lava pool and swam around in there for little bit. Remember I was literally in creative this entire time, but I didn't know anything about the game.
    Finally I dug myself a little 1x2 hole and stayed there for the rest of the night.
    It took forever for it to become day again.

    Years later, with me typing this down and remembering, I feel very silly and stupid.
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