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A Touch of Minecraft - Nostalgic Paintings

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Bricket avatar Bricket
Level 36 : Artisan Procrastinator
This texture pack changes the paintings to give them a more nostalgic, minecrafty feel. I'm gonna be honest, this pack was more for me, but I tried to capture the "essence" of Minecraft nostalgia and choose images, that, while they may not even be that old (like who thinks that the 1.17 panorama was nostalgic), they tried to capture the main "feel" of minecrafty images, and of course, when you do that, you also capture the nostalgia. So you may not even recognize these, and you may think that they're not nostalgic images at all, but I hope that they did capture a touch of the essence of Minecraft. Now, on to the paintings themselves, if you can't recognize them at first glance:

The 4x4 paintings:
- Pack.png
- The og tutorial world
- The og panorama
The 3x4 paintings:
- The original "herobrine" image
- An og Minecraft wallpaper—Steve in the field
The 2x4 paintings:
- Another og Minecraft wallpaper—Steve hitting the skeleton. This one's a classic.
The 2x2 paintings:
- The temple of Notch
- The Minecraft cover image
- A nether reactor core
- DanTDM's lab
- Stampy in his house
- The og Hunger Games arena
The 1x2 Vertical Paintings:
- The Far Lands
- The Minecraft Xbox edition cover image
The 1x2 Horizontal Paintings:
- The 1.13 panorama
- The 1.14 panorama
- The 1.15 panorama
- The 1.16 panorama
- The 1.17 panorama
The 1x1 Paintings
- The Herobrine summoner
- Skyblock
- A broken Aether portal
- An og Minecraft wallpaper (Steve hugging the creeper)
- A scene from the Minecraft trailer
- An old lava pool
- A sunset

That's all the paintings—hope you like it!

Edit: Now updated to 1.19!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

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05/22/2022 10:42 pm
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
Can you make a HD resolution version of them?
05/22/2022 11:37 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Procrastinator
Bricket avatar
i’ll see what I can do
05/23/2022 11:29 pm
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
05/22/2022 9:16 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
MCPLAYER2019 avatar
I remember most of them 1 of them being dantdm's lab I aint able say the rest
05/22/2022 10:42 pm
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
Me too. Since I watched his videos.
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