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Colored Minecarts! [OptiFine]

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DerpyBro avatar DerpyBro
Level 27 : Expert Cookie

by DerpyBro

/!\ OptiFine Required. Also Enable Random Entities On The Video Settings /!\

Minecarts are boring. They only made from upside down helmet with wheels on it.

Well Not Again!

This Pack add 16 Painted Variants to them. All based from Vanilla Colors.

It's very random, you can get any colors from it!

Plus I only tint it, So It's still Vanilla Styled

It also works on other Minecarts version such as the TNT, Chest, Furnace, and Command Blocks


Q: Can I use this without Optifine?

A: No, the random entity mod is only supported by Optifine

Q: It still uses Vanilla textures

A: Enable Random Entities settings on Video Settings > Quality, Or check do you already apply the pack :p

Q: Does the item icon changed?

A: Due to limitation, no

Q: How to change colors of the Minecart?

A: Breaking and placing them again would change the colors

Q: I'm getting same colors over and over!

A: Then you're lucky

Q: Can I change the textures of them?

A: Of course! Change the textures on assets>minecraft>optifine>random>entities.
But dont steal my textures for monetization and public use D:<

Based on PMC statistic only small percentage of my downloaders actually gave me Diamonds. Please consider giving Diamonds, as always you can take back your Diamond later

Enjoy and Thanks! :D
CreditOptifine, for Random Entities Mod. Mojang, for default textures. Blockbench for texturing
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

03/05/2021 3:53 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Zombie
SuperCreeper_20 avatar
Thats really cool! I like it!
02/20/2021 12:39 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
hanborgr avatar
This is so cool! :O
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