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Huehnerfrikassee's Avatar Huehnerfrikassee
Level 27 : Expert Explorer

'Dandelion is a simple pack with style. And more cuteness than a basket of bunnies.'
- Steelfeathers

about this pack
Dandelion is a simple but extraordinary 16px texture pack that is based on only a small palette of colours. It was originally created by Steelfeathers in 2012, but since she stopped working on it, some of her fans decided to continue her legacy.

Unlike other continuations, Dandelion + has not changed a single of Steelfeathers’s original textures (that is those from her final version). Instead of updating the already existing textures and introducing a new style to the pack, I have tried to stick to Steelfeathers’s style as best I could, through countless hours of research and work, studying all her textures, those she begun with and those she went with in the end, and even those of her other texture packs.

Official Colour Palette
(Originally created by Neoncube, edited
by me)


Steelfeathers originally created Dandelion for the Simple Pack Showdown and I have tried to maintain its spirit throughout the making of this pack.
Basically every texture in this pack is based on a texture Steelfeathers created.

special features
That said, the texture pack still got a lot of upgrades.
With OptiFine come some nice-to-have features like custom tool- and weapon-textures bound to an enchantment or the item’s name.

Special Elytra Textures

Multiple elytra-textures, if you rename them (the standard elytra is white).

Special Tool Textures

Damaged tools and special textures for some enchantments.

Dandelion + is basically finished (up to 1.16), however, there are still some mob-textures missing and not all particle-textures are done.

Although there is only the standard version of Dandelion + at the moment, others might be coming soon.
Since I have started working on this pack, I have created a few other versions. Though they were originally 'made to measure' for the people I made them for, I might publish them in the future.
These would include a western pack, a Christmas pack, an autumnal pack and an 'improved' version that I use myself.

All of these will be published over on Curseforge.


As previously stated, the original creator of Dandelion is Steelfeathers (and I do have her permission to share my version of her pack with you).
However, there were many people over the years that have contributed something to the pack (as can be seen below).

For more information see the files within the pack.

If you want to stay up to date, there is a forum for Dandelion and we have a Discord Server, where you can make suggestions, ask questions or help the creators.
If you want to check out the original Dandelion pack made by Steelfeathers, click here.
CreditSteelfeathers, Hallo89, Spidermas99, RaphZou, Panickattac, XeroTrinity, Rhinokneel, Stronghold257, BriLuna
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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