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Dandelion With Mods [1.12 - 1.13]

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Hallo89 avatar Hallo89
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
This project is no longer maintained and the pack won't be updated regularly.
Check out Dandelion X by XeroTrinity for another amazing Dandelion variant (with focus on vanilla)!

The Curseforge page of this project lists all past versions and also occasional beta publishes.

Dandelion With Mods [1.12 - 1.13] Minecraft Texture Pack
  • This pack builds upon the widely popular resource pack Dandelion and extends it with many improvements, for mods and vanilla alike!
  • The coolest features are fancy models (like rails and doors), fancy animations, more randomized textures and connected textures via the CTM mod or Optifine.
  • The first download link, directly from Planetminecraft, is 1.12, the rest is labeled!
  • It's made with much, much love, yet much pain! ;P
  • The main textures this pack is about are the GUIs, items and blocks are of less importance for me. Models are done whenever I feel like doing them!
Dandelion With Mods [1.12 - 1.13] Minecraft Texture Pack
- Applied Energistics 2
- Baubles
- Better Achievements
- Biomes o' Plenty (one item)
- Botania
- Chisel
- Crafting Tweaks
- Ender IO
- Forestry
- Industrialcraft 2
- Ironchest
- Just Enough Items (JEI)
+ Just Enough Forestry Bees (JEFB)
+ Just Enough Resources (JER)
+ JEI addon: Block Drops
+ JEI Bees
- Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA)
- Nether Core
- Railcraft
- RFTools
- Storage Drawers
- Tinker's Construct
- Trashslot
- The One Probe (TOP)

+ Many many vanilla improvements!
Details to what textures this pack focuses on are in the information tab above!Dandelion With Mods [1.12 - 1.13] Minecraft Texture Pack

If you have spotted issues, want to suggest something or want to contribute!

If you want to talk, seek help or follow this and other Dandelion packs!

I'm always happy if you rate this pack, give feedback or just write something nice :)
If you have questions, you can either write a comment or just ask me on Discord!
  • The credit for the original Dandelion goes to Steelfeathers!
  • For the Dandelion Minecraft Forum click here!
  • Rhinokneel made the iron-, gold-, and diamond chest textures
  • Spidermas99 let me add his textures for several modded and vanilla textures!
  • RaphZou allowed me to include his awesome armor models and textures!
  • Darkeyson provided the super sweet pictures of the mobs you see here!

see the credits file in the pack for a little more info on everything!

This resource pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Hope you enjoy!

CreditSteelfeathers, Rhinokneel, CPU678, Spidermas99, Halbzwilling, me I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

23 Update Logs

Update: v2.5.01 : by Hallo89 12/24/2018 1:24:38 pmDec 24th, 2018

|Vanilla Minecraft|
Added snowy GUIs for winter time!

Fixed the json's for randomized stone bricks still being named incorrectly, causing them to have a missing texture most of the time
Fixed the fence gate's display on the ground not being desirable
Rebalanced the weights (how often a specific texture will appear) of randomized end stone to get an overall better result

Added a wintry panorama!

Fixed and improved the horse textures!
-> Fixed horses and donkeys being invisible and wonkey by adapting to their new UV layout
-> Improved their colors a whole load by unifying and actually adapting them to the dandelion color palette
-> Improved their textures, including variants, in general by letting many design choices flow into this
Fixed horse armor as well!

Improved the font system a lot!
-> 1.13 introduced a new file specifically for accented and 'modified' letters with tons of space above and below them:
-> Added all given accented and modified letters for an awesome font experience
-> Scaled every font file down to its original size again as there is no need for upscaled accents anymore with the new spacy file, saving memory
-> Removed unicode page 1E because ẞ is now officially supported

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11/17/2020 4:03 amhistory
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
Asp_Blackhole avatar
Very good Pack ! Pretty Pixels !
(Nb; your mod list isn't adapted for Black theme on site..)
11/21/2020 10:13 amhistory
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Hallo89 avatar
Oh, I haven't noticed Planetminecraft has a dark mode now. Thanks for the info, will fix!
Edit: Fixed it, thanks again!
02/28/2020 9:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xRealFox avatar
Whats the name of the font?
04/26/2019 10:09 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Dragon
Abandon3dRain avatar
how the heck do you get textures from mods to be able to re-texture them? I'm definitely getting this to try with biome's o plenty its my favorite biome mod (also the only one i really know xD) and ive been wanting to make custom textures for it but dont know how so i have to get packs that already have the textures haha
05/04/2019 12:36 pm
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Hallo89 avatar
Lol that's how I started out too, but there's actually two ways to look at a mod's original textures:
  1. you can open any .jar file with a file manager like 7Zip or WinRar (7Zip is my preferred choice) - you will then see every resource of that mod which you can extract into a regular folder in operating system's file explorer and then view, modify, etc. (In a Minecraft mod's case, resources are under /assets/ModName/)
  2. almost every mod on Curseforge is open source on GitHub, you see that if the "source" tab of the Curseforge page is available and it will bring you to the source, which you can download and look at the textures in a similar way as just stated. This is my preferred way because the resources are always up-to-date (one's local mods aren't necessarily) and it's just less cumbersome as with a file manager. Just take notice of the branches on GitHub, that you are downloading the version you want to.
Hope that helped! :D
12/29/2018 12:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
merrillshark avatar
Hello Hallo Steelfeathers and other Dandelion creators & contributes.

Just wanted to thank you for this amazing texture pack! It is so lovely!

It has for a long time been my favorite texture pack! and still is

The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that recently I noticed that 'Cut Sandstone' now has two texture variants. Which has kind of made my egyptian-like textures a bit more sloppy looking. Since I can't choose the texture of the block because it appears to be bound to coordinates :{

Just wanted to share my feedback. So happy to see this pack has made it to 1.13 - Thank you thank you! happy new year!

01/01/2019 2:47 pm
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Hallo89 avatar
Thanks that you reach out and show us your appreciation, it means a lot <3
Cut stone has got randomized textures, but I see why you are upset; maybe I went a bit too crazy and made the randomized textures a bit too different from the original, I see what I can do to improve that! Thanks for that feedback :D
11/17/2018 12:34 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Waffle
hoshizora avatar
where's the stone brick fix? you said in an earlier comment that you were gonna fix it and release an update but it's been over 2 months
11/17/2018 3:52 pm
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Hallo89 avatar
Well yeah, I'm in a bit of a troubled situation. I don't really have motivation to work on this pack anymore as my interests have changed but I want to get the horse textures fixed before I release a new update. I'm still evaluating what I should do and secretly hoping for someone to contribute. You can check my discord server for more info. Sorry that it takes so long!
11/17/2018 3:58 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Waffle
hoshizora avatar
oh okay! sorry to bother then!
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