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Stridey avatar Stridey
Level 81 : Elite Pixel Painter
Sorry! Comments are closed for now, as I am not working on this resource pack currently. In the meantime, check out my other projects on my profile. :)


This pack intends to add as many zombie variants as possible using other players' (zombiefied) character skins. Leave a comment with your Minecraft username and I'll add your zombiefied skin! I aim to update the roughly twice a week with the latest skins in each update. Please note that I will not include inappropriate skins; I'm sure you can use common sense to determine what counts as such.

I do not own the skins used in this resource pack and do not take credit for the original skins used; only their zombie edits.

Your skin will not be added if:
- You are not the original creator
- It is inappropriate

NOTE: You must be the creator of your Minecraft skin to be added to this pack, therefore, you can give me permission to use. You will not be added if your skin was created by another author.

IMPORTANT: If you need to link a specific skin, please use https://namemc.com/ to do so

Player skins used in this pack:  
- Steve
- Alex
- StrideyMC
- Notch
- jeb_
- nevBEAR
- justroon
- Shelbug
- Jake_7978
- Tekayo
- SadraMiner
- TheLuxure
- Cjnator38
- 8HP
- salthepalOne28
- Thepigminer
- TrulySecuritySAM
- EnderDragon__
- seethestars
- BuSpBr
- 10_Luma
- Milad148
- LateSnowFox
- ZekeOfThe80
- Spoookedy
- TheSkinShaper
- hatsondogs
- Skaliber
- Max_Novik
- Fear10987_
- Tommynola
- NormalStranger
- BakersToast
- superbunny2017
- MarcoTheGreen
- GreatFighter555
- ACGaming
- BattleModifier
- _ImKing
- yuri0bertoldo

Regarding ad links:
I really appreciate if you can use the main download button which includes ads as it helps me out a lot and allows me to monetise my hobby! The ad pages can sometimes look scary, but as long as you click nothing but the [​Skip ad] button when it appears, you will be fine!

If you are having trouble with the ad page however, then scroll down to the changelogs and click the download button for the latest version.

Thank you :)

Player Zombies Minecraft Texture Pack

You may:
> Upload showcase videos or threads to YouTube or forums sites. (A link to this post will be appreciated)
> Use assets from this pack in your own resource packs/mods.

You may not:
> Reupload this resource pack in its entirety.

© 2020 Stridey. Some rights reserved.

Latest version: 2.2 - designed for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.15.2

(by commenting your Minecraft username you agree that your skin may be used in this resource pack)
CreditMojang AB & everyone listed under "Player skins used in this pack"
Progress0% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

12 Update Logs

Player Zombies 2.2 : by Stridey 06/22/2020 7:26:09 amJun 22nd, 2020

zombified Spoookedy
zombified TheSkinShaper
zombified hatsondogs
zombified Skaliber
zombified Max_Novik
zombified Fear10987_
zombified Tommynola
zombified NormalStranger
zombified BakersToast
zombified superbunny2017
zombified MarcoTheGreen
zombified GreatFighter555
zombified ACGaming
zombified BattleModifier
zombified _ImKing
zombified yuri0bertoldo

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