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Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.19 [LabPBR]

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GabishGab avatar GabishGab
Level 41 : Master Artist
Changes several blocks, enemies, armors, weapons, names, music, etc into different Clone Wars equivalents.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.19 [LabPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack

Go into languages and turn on Aurebesh for named items and blocks

You will need Optifine for this along with Custom Item Textures (CIT), Custom Entity models (CEM), Emissive textures and Connected Textures (CTM) enabled.

For all the armors you need to name them specific things to turn them into their respective items, keep in mind you need to keep the original name of the armor pieces, such as Chestplate or Boots for it to work, example: 501st Helmet, 501st Chestplate, 501st Leggings and 501st Boots. Some items will have more than one name. Armors, blocks and items all have PBR, such as reflections, emissives and normal maps, while some blocks also include POM. Music has also been changed, most of the overworld tracks have been changed, along with almost all of the music discs. B1's and BX's droids have randomized appearances aswell.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.19 [LabPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack


Rancor Battalion ARC Troopers
Iron armor = Blitz
Iron armor = Colt
Iron armor = Hammer
Iron armor = Havoc

Divisional ARC Troopers
Iron armor = ARC
Iron armor = ARC 41st
Iron armor = ARC 212th
Iron armor = ARC 332nd
Iron armor = ARC 501st
Iron armor = ARC Coruscant Guard
Iron armor = ARC Kamino Security

No chestplate ARC's
Iron armor = ARC2 41st
Iron armor = ARC2 212th
Iron armor = ARC2 332nd
Iron armor = ARC2 501st
Iron armor = ARC2 Coruscant Guard
Iron armor = ARC2 Kamino Security

Ranked ARC's
Iron armor = ARC Sergeant

Iron armor = ARC Lieutenant
Iron armor = ARC Captain
Iron armor = ARC Commander

Clone Commando
Diamond armor = Crosshair (old version)

Diamond armor = Echo (old version)
Diamond armor = Hunter (old version)
Diamond armor = Tech (old version)
Diamond armor = Wrecker (old version)

Diamond armor = Boss
Diamond armor = Fixer
Diamond armor = Scorch
Diamond armor = Sev

Diamond armor = Republic Intelligence

Diamond armor = Omega

Diamond armor = Night Ops

Regular Clone Troopers (Phase 2)
Iron armor = Cadet
Iron armor = 21st / Galactic marine (temporarily removed)
Iron armor = 41st

Iron armor = 212th
Iron armor = 327th
Iron armor = 332nd
Iron armor = 501st
Iron armor = Coruscant Guard
Iron armor = Kamino Security
Iron armor = Republic Intelligence

Iron armor = Republic Intelligence Airborne
Iron armor = Republic Intelligence ARF

Special Clone Troopers

Iron armor = 212th Airborne
Iron armor = 501st Airborne
Iron armor = Coruscant Guard Airborne
Iron armor = Airborne
Iron armor = Republic Intelligence Airborne

Iron armor = Desert ARF
Iron armor = 501st ARF
Iron armor = Coruscant Guard ARF
Iron armor = ARF
Iron armor = Forest ARF
Iron armor = Republic Intelligence ARF

Divisional ARC Troopers (Phase 1.5)
Turtle helmet = ARC
Turtle helmet = ARC 41st
Turtle helmet = ARC 212th
Turtle helmet = ARC 501st
Turtle helmet = ARC Coruscant Guard

Regular Clone Troopers (Phase 1)
Turtle Helmet = 41st
Turtle Helmet = 212th
Turtle Helmet = 327th
Turtle Helmet = 501st
Turtle Helmet = Coruscant Guard
Turtle Helmet = Kamino Security
Turtle Helmet = Republic Intelligence

Ranked Clone Troopers
Iron armor = Commander
Iron armor = Captain
Iron armor = Lieutenant
Iron armor = Sergeant

Imperial Clones
Netherite Armor = Crosshair (old version)

Iron armor = Pilot (Phase 2)
Turtle helmet = Pilot (Phase 1)

Commanders and Captains (Phase 2)
Iron armor = Bly
Iron armor = Cody
Iron armor = Fox
Iron armor = Gree
Diamond armor = Gregor
Iron armor = Grey
Iron armor = Howzer
Iron armor = Rex
Iron armor = Thorn
Iron armor = Vaughn

Commanders and Captains (Phase 1)
Turtle armor = Bly
Turtle armor = Cody
Turtle armor = Fox
Turtle armor = Rex

Named Clones (Phase 2)
Iron armor = Appo
Iron armor = Boil
Iron armor = Dogma
Iron armor = Hardcase
Iron armor = Hound
Iron armor = Kix
Iron armor = Tup
Iron armor = Waxer
Iron armor = Fives (ARC)
Iron armor = Echo
Iron armor = Jesse

Named Clones (Phase 1)
Turtle helmet = Boil
Turtle helmet = Hardcase
Turtle helmet = Waxer
Iron armor = Fives
Iron armor = Echo (Rishi)
Turtle helmet = Jesse

Named Clones (Extras)
Turtle helmet = Fives (ARC)
Iron armor = Echo (ARC)
Iron armor = Jesse (ARC)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.19 [LabPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack



Main stone sword: Vibroblade

Main gold sword: Vibroknife

Main iron sword: Red Lightsaber

Iron sword: Blue Lightsaber
Iron sword: Green Lightsaber
Iron sword: Purple Lightsaber
Iron sword: White Lightsaber
Iron sword: Yellow Lightsaber

Main diamond sword: Red Double Lightsaber

Diamond sword: Blue Double Lightsaber
Diamond sword: Green Double Lightsaber
Diamond sword: Purple Double Lightsaber
Diamond sword: White Double Lightsaber
Diamond sword: Yellow Double Lightsaber

Main netherite sword: Darksaber


Main bow = E-5

Bow = DC-15
Bow = DC-15a
Bow = DC-17
Bow = DC-17m
Bow = Z-6

Main crossbow = E-5s

Crossbow = Valken-38x




Shield = M3 Bulwark Blast Shield

Shield = Coruscant Guard Shield

Shield = Mandalorian Shield

Shield = Commando Droid Shield


Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

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11/29/2022 8:08 pmhistory
Level 36 : Artisan Imposter
PixelPlayzGamess avatar
I know some Clone Wars products you might want to add. Could I help with this product?

By the way, I love this pack. At least please upgrade to 100%.
10/09/2022 11:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CC-7956 avatar
I love this Texture Pack.
Just so you know: You mixed up the Cantina Theme music disc and the Clone March music disc.

BTW I know that the Pack is not finished just want to help : )
10/09/2022 4:20 pm
Level 41 : Master Artist
GabishGab avatar
Ah, my bad. I switched them around at some point and must've forgotten to change the names, I'll fix it in the next update!
10/04/2022 9:44 pm
Level 25 : Expert Lego Builder
Winters_Bane avatar
Wow!!! When this is 100% im getting optifine just for this pack. Really really cool!!!
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