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Visible M-Ore Variants

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Level 21 : Expert Zombie
Visible M-Ore Variants Minecraft Texture Pack

Visible M-Ore Variants is a vanilla-friendly resource pack that adds an emissive light and changes the texture of ores depending which block is next to it. It adds 32 new ore texture variants and adds emissive lighting to 51 ores (for now)... The new textures can appear naturally and can be obtained by placing the block you want next to an ore block. Thanks to the shiny ores, they are easier to see and find in caves, oceans, and mountains. Each variant makes the caves more interesting and less monotonous.

Visible M-Ore Variants Minecraft Texture Pack

Visible M-Ore Variants Minecraft Texture Pack

This pack uses two OptiFine’s features called “Overlay” & "Emissive" to add the glow and new variants.

Feature list:
  • Overworld:
  • Stone Ores:
    • Coal ore
    • Iron ore
    • Copper ore
    • Gold ore
    • Diamond ore
    • Emerald ore
    • Redstone ore
    • Lapis lazuli ore

  • Deepslate Ores:
  • Deepslate coal ore
  • Deepslate iron ore
  • Deepslate copper ore
  • Deepslate gold ore
  • Deepslate diamond ore
  • Deepslate emerald ore
  • Deepslate redstone ore
  • Deepslate lapis lazuli ore

  • Andesite Ores:
  • Andesite coal ore
  • Andesite iron ore
  • Andesite copper ore
  • Andesite gold ore
  • Andesite diamond ore
  • Andesite emerald ore
  • Andesite redstone ore
  • Andesite lapis lazuli ore

  • Diorite Ores:
  • Diorite coal ore
  • Diorite iron ore
  • Diorite copper ore
  • Diorite gold ore
  • Diorite diamond ore
  • Diorite emerald ore
  • Diorite redstone ore
  • Diorite lapis lazuli ore

  • Granite Ores:
  • Granite coal ore
  • Granite iron ore
  • Granite copper ore
  • Granite gold ore
  • Granite diamond ore
  • Granite emerald ore
  • Granite redstone ore
  • Granite lapis lazuli ore

  • Tuff Ores:
  • Tuff coal ore
  • Tuff iron ore
  • Tuff copper ore
  • Tuff gold ore
  • Tuff diamond ore
  • Tuff emerald ore
  • Tuff redstone ore
  • Tuff lapis lazuli ore

  • Raw Ore Blocks:
  • Raw Iron Block
  • Raw Copper Block
  • Raw Gold Block

PS: I'm all ears to suggestions and opinions. I hope you like it and if that is the case, I would appreciate it if you share it with your friends.


  • Feel free to include this resource pack in your mod pack or server.
  • If you wish to use this pack in any form of content, please credit with a link to the original CurseForge or Planet Minecraft page.
  • I don't accept any type of reposts of any of my resource packs on any website.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.3

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02/18/2023 5:53 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice System
SadnessCombat avatar
Awesome! Thank you so much! Will you be updating this resource pack for future Minecraft versions?
03/15/2023 8:02 pm
Level 21 : Expert Zombie
Jkiller2807 avatar
yep, stay tunned for future updates :)
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