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avatar WeegeeTheDoggo
Level 39 : Artisan Artist
(Clicking "Download Texture Pack" will give you the 1.13.2 Version)

This pack has important Optifine features!

Have you ever looked at a Block, Item or Mob, and wondered how it looked or sounded like when it was first added to the game?

The goal of this resource pack is to restore any and all Textures, Sounds, Names, and even Models that have since changed since their debut. From the first ever block texture of Cobblestone, to the all-new Corals, none will get left behind! I'm gonna be real with you though, this pack is unfinished, but what I hope to do is share the experience of making this with anyone who wishes to help. This isn't just for a nostalgia trip, this pack is here to show you how each and every little detail has come so far from where it started, no matter how impractical it was, it should be immortalized in this pack, if nothing else!


The 1.13.2 version of this pack works in all of the 1.13 releases. It does not work in any older versions.

The 1.12.2 version of this pack works in all of the 1.12 and 1.11 releases. It does not work in versions older than 1.11 or versions newer than 1.12.2.

-Optifine Settings-

This pack can work without Optifine, but you would miss these features:

Optifine-Dependent Features
All Custom Items and Fake Blocks (renaming an item to make it look like something else)
The fadeless Redstone line
The simplistic color maps for all the worlds
All Custom Mobs
The original Spawn Egg colors
The full-block, un-opening Chests
The original Skeleton and Zombie poses

You can download the Optifine mod here, once you can confirm that Optifine is working in your game, immediately make sure the settings below are enabled.

Custom Colors - On

Custom Items - On

Custom Entity Models - On

Language - English (US)

-Recommended Settings For Immersion-

You don't have to enable these settings, though. They're not like the scary red ones up there, these ones are just for fun! ..and to give you that sweet immersion:

Immersion Settings
FOV: Normal
Video Settings
Graphics: Fancy
Smooth Lighting: Off
Smooth Lighting Level: Off
GUI Scale: Normal
Brightness: Moody
Dynamic Lights: Off
Clouds: Fast
Sky: On
Sun & Moon: On
Fog: Off
Translucent Blocks: Default
Vignette: Fast
Cloud Height: Off
Rain & Snow: Default
Stars: On
Held Item Tooltips: Off
Entity Shadows: Off
Alternate Blocks: Off
Water Animated: Off
Lava Animated: Off
Dripping Water/Lava: Off
Everything Else: On
Particles: All (or Decreased)
View Bobbing: Off
Attack Indicator: Off
Dynamic FOV: Off
Mipmap Levels: 1
Clear Water: Off
Better Grass: Off
Custom Fonts: Off
Swamp Colors: Off
Connected Textures: Off
Custom Sky: On
Mipmap Type: Nearest
Antialiasing: Off
Random Mobs: On
Better Snow: Off
Smooth Biomes: On
Natural Textures: Off
Weather: On
Debug Profiler: On
Advanced Tooltips: Off
Time: Default
Music & Sounds: Turn 'em all on!
Auto-Jump: Off

So far, I feel that I've got a large lump of this thing done, thanks to all your comments and The Minecraft Wiki, but I still do have some issues that I could probably use some help with, check the To Do List, and if you have any knowledge about how to do these things, please send me a message or comment down below! Here are all the changes this pack makes to your game:

All Changes - Click to reveal a huge list
Acacia Door - Model changed
Brick Stairs
Bricks Slab
Cactus - Now a full block
Carpets - All colors included
Chiseled Sandstone
Coal Block
Cobblestone Slab
Cobblestone Stairs
Cobblestone Wall
Command Block
Coral Blocks - All textures changed
Coral Fans - Most textures changed
Dead Coral Blocks - All textures changed
Diamond Block
Double Fern
Double Tallgrass
Emerald Ore
End Portal
End Portal Frame - Both Empty and Filled variants, models changed as well
End Stone
Fire Coral
Glazed Terracotta - Only changed Cyan, Magenta, Orange, and White variants
Gold Block
Gold Ore
Grass Path - Now a full block
Iron Block
Jungle Door - Model changed
Kelp - Top texture changed
Lapis Block
Logs - Every Log now uses the Oak Log's top and bottom texture
Mob Spawner
Mossy Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Oak Fence
Oak Fence Gate
Oak Leaves
Oak Planks
Oak Pressure Plate
Oak Sapling
Oak Slab
Oak Stairs
Smooth Sandstone
Stained Glass - All colors included
Stained Glass Panes - All colors included
Stone Pressure Plate
Structure Blocks - All Structure Block textures included
Wool - All colors included
Acacia Door
Axes - Includes all Axe variants
Baked Potato
Birch Door
Blaze Spawn Egg
Bow - Removed animation, now shows old Bow-holding
Bucket of Tropical Fish
Cave Spider Spawn Egg
Chicken Spawn Egg
Cocoa Beans
Cooked Beef
Cooked Chicken
Cooked Cod
Cooked Mutton
Cooked Porkchop
Cooked Rabbit
Cooked Salmon
Cow Spawn Egg
Creeper Spawn Egg
Dark Oak Door
Enderman Spawn Egg
Fishing Rod
Flint and Steel
Ghast Spawn Egg
Golden Carrot
Iron Door
Item Frame
Jungle Door
Leather Armor - Includes all Leather Armor pieces
Magma Cube Spawn Egg
Mob Heads - Includes all, but the Dragon Head
Mooshroom Spawn Egg
Nether Star
Oak Boat
Oak Door
Oak Fence Gate - Model changed
Oak Pressure Plate - Model changed
Phantom Spawn Egg
Pig Spawn Egg
Rabbit Hide
Rabbit's Foot
Raw Beef
Raw Chicken
Raw Mutton
Raw Porkchop
Raw Rabbit
Seagrass - Animated
Sheep Spawn Egg
Silverfish Spawn Egg
Skeleton Spawn Egg
Slime Spawn Egg
Spider Spawn Egg
Spruce Door
Squid Spawn Egg
Stone Pressure Plate - Model changed
Structure Void
Tropical Fish
Turtle Egg - Model changed
Villager Spawn Egg
Wolf Spawn Egg
Zombie Spawn Egg
Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg
Beacon Beam
Chest - Now a full block, lid no longer animated
Double Chest
Enderman Eyes
Killer Rabbit
Oak Boat - Removed oars
Painting - Only changed the "Sea" and "Stage" Paintings
Shulker - Changed all colors
Skeleton - Model changed
Zombie - Model changed
Zombie Pigman
Zombie Villager - Changed all variants
End Sky
Equipped Leather Armor
Explosion Particles
Java Edition Subtitle - Removed
Minecraft Logo
Mojang Logo
Moon Phases
Powered Redstone Coloration
Sweep Particles - Removed
Main Menu Background
Beacon - Work in Progress
Birch Leaves - Leaves
Birch Sapling - Sapling
Birch Wood - Wood
Brain Coral Block - Pink Coral
Brown Mushroom - Mushroom
Brown Mushroom Block - Mushroom
Bubble Coral Block - Purple Coral
Chiseled Sandstone - Sandstone
Chiseled Stone Bricks - Stone Bricks
Cobblestone Stairs - Stone Stairs
Cracked Stone Bricks - Stone Bricks
Crafting Table - Workbench
Cut Red Sandstone - Smooth Red Sandstone
Cut Sandstone - Sandstone
Dandelion - Yellow Flower
Dark Oak Leaves - Oak Roof Leaves
Dark Oak Sapling - Roofed Oak Sapling
Dark Oak Wood - Oak Roof Wood
Dead Tube Coral Block - Dead Coral
Dead Brain Coral Block - Dead Coral
Dead Bubble Coral Block - Dead Coral
Dead Fire Coral Block - Dead Coral
Dead Horn Coral Block - Dead Coral
Emerald Ore - Ruby Ore
Fire Coral Block - Red Coral
Horn Coral Block - Yellow Coral
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks - Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg
Infested Cobblestone - Cobblestone Monster Egg
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks - Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks - Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg
Infested Stone - Stone Monster Egg
Infested Stone Bricks - Stone Brick Monster Egg
Iron Trapdoor - tile.ironTrapdoor.name
Mossy Stone Bricks - Stone Bricks
Mushroom Stem - Mushroom
Netherrack - Bloodstone
Oak Door - Wooden Door
Oak Fence - Wooden Fence
Oak Fence Gate - Wooden Fence Gate
Oak Leaves - Leaves
Oak Sapling - Sapling
Oak Wood - Log
Oak Wood Planks - Wooden Planks
Oak Wood Slab - Wooden Slab
Oak Wood Stairs - Wooden Stairs
Petrified Oak Slab - Wooden Slab
Poppy - Rose
Prismarine Brick Slab - Prismarine Bricks Slab
Prismarine Brick Stairs - Prismarine Bricks Stairs
Red Bed - Bed
Red Mushroom - Mushroom
Red Mushroom Block - Mushroom
Spruce Leaves - Leaves
Spruce Sapling - Sapling
Spruce Wood - Wood
Terracotta - Hardened Clay (Includes all colors)
Tube Coral Block - Blue Coral
Wooden Trapdoor - Trapdoor
Wool - Cloth (Includes all colors)
Bat Spawn Egg - Spawn Bat
Blaze Spawn Egg -Spawn Blaze
Bucket of Cod - Cod Bucket
Bucket of Pufferfish - Puffer Fish Bucket
Bucket of Salmon - Salmon Bucket
Bucket of Tropical Fish - Tropical Fish Bucket
Cave Spider Spawn Egg - Spawn Cave Spider
Chainmail Armor - Chain Armor (Includes all pieces)
Chicken Spawn Egg - Spawn Chicken
Cod - Raw Fish
Cod Spawn Egg - Spawn Cod
Cooked Cod - Cooked Fish
Cow Spawn Egg - Spawn Cow
Creeper Spawn Egg - Spawn Creeper
Dolphin Spawn Egg - Spawn Dolphin
Donkey Spawn Egg - Spawn Donkey
Drowned Spawn Egg - Spawn Drowned
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg - Spawn Guardian
Emerald - Ruby
Enderman Spawn Egg - Spawn Enderman
Evoker Spawn Egg - Spawn Evoker
Ghast Spawn Egg - Spawn Ghast
Guardian Spawn Egg - Spawn Guardian
Gunpowder - Sulphur
Horse Spawn Egg - Spawn Horse
Husk Spawn Egg - Spawn Husk
Ink Sac - Ink Sack
Lead - Leash
Leather Armor - Cloth Armor (Includes all pieces)
Llama Spawn Egg - Spawn Llama
Magma Cube Spawn Egg - Spawn Lava Slime
Milk Bucket - Milk
Mooshroom Spawn Egg - Spawn Mooshroom
Mule Spawn Egg - Spawn Mule
Oak Boat - Boat
Ocelot Spawn Egg - Spawn Ocelot
Parrot Spawn Egg - Spawn Parrot
Pig Spawn Egg - Spawn Pig
Phantom Spawn Egg - Spawn Phantom
Polar Bear Spawn Egg - Spawn Polar Bear
Pufferfish Spawn Egg - Spawn Puffer Fish
Rabbit Spawn Egg - Spawn Rabbit
Redstone - Red Ore Dust
Salmon - Raw Salmon
Salmon Spawn Egg - Spawn Salmon
Scute - Turtle Shell Piece
Sheep Spawn Egg - Spawn Sheep
Shulker Spawn Egg - Spawn Shulker
Silverfish Spawn Egg - Spawn Silverfish
Skeleton Spawn Egg - Spawn Skeleton
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg - Spawn Skeleton Horse
Slime Spawn Egg - Spawn Slime
Spider Spawn Egg - Spawn Spider
Squid Spawn Egg - Spawn Squid
Stray Spawn Egg - Spawn entity.Skeleton.name
Sugarcane - Reeds
Tropical Fish - Clownfish
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg - Spawn Tropical Fish
Turtle Spawn Egg - Spawn Turtle
Vex Spawn Egg - Spawn Vex
Villager Spawn Egg - Spawn Testificate
Vindicator Spawn Egg - Spawn Vindicator
Wheat Seeds - Seeds
Witch Spawn Egg - Spawn Witch
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg - Spawn Skeleton
Wolf Spawn Egg - Spawn Wolf
Zombie Spawn Egg - Spawn Zombie
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg - Spawn Zombie Horse
Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg - Spawn Pig Zombie
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg - Spawn Zombie
Elder Guardian - Guardian
Magma Cube - Lava Slime
Pufferfish - Puffer Fish
Stray - entity.Skeleton.name
Villager - Testificate
Wither Skeleton - Skeleton
Zombie Pigman - Pig Zombie
Zombie Villager - Zombie
Advancements have been renamed to Achievements
Biome names have been reverted
Resource Packs have been renamed to Texture Packs
Splash Texts aplenty were changed and added back
Anvil - Silenced
Brewing Stand - Silenced
Coral - Now have Grass sounds
Coral Blocks - Now have Stone sounds
End Portal - Removed its creepy opening sound
End Portal Frame - Removed the eye-placing sounds
Fire - Ignition sound changed
Furnace - Removed the cooking sounds
Grass - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Gravel - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Iron Door
Ladder - Silenced
Lilypad - Removed placing sounds
Oak Fence Gate
Oak Wood Door
Sand - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Seagrass - Now has Grass sounds
Snow - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Stone - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Tall Seagrass - Now has Grass sounds
Water - Most notibly the splashing sounds
Wood - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Wooden Trapdoor
Wool - Both stepping and breaking sounds changed
Bow - Changed all sounds
Bucket - Silenced
Fishing Rod - Silenced
Blaze - Silenced
Chest - Silenced
Double Chest
Ender Chest
Ender Dragon
Iron Golem
Item Frame - Silenced
Leash Knot - Silenced
Magma Cube - Silenced
Minecart - Silenced
Ocelot/Cat - Silenced
Painting - Silenced
Player - Hit sounds, hurt sounds, many sounds changed
Rabbit - Silenced
Slime - Silenced
Snow Golem - Silenced
Squid - Silenced
Villager - Silenced
Witch - Silenced
Zombie Villager
Armor Equip - Silenced
Elytra Equip - Silenced
Milking - Silenced
Music - Added calm4
Custom Items and Entities - Rename them with an Anvil to get these special item textures!
Fake Blocks
3D Export Structure Block - A renamed Structure Block
Allow - Renamed Polished Granite
Crying Obsidian - Renamed Obsidian
Debug - Renamed Coal
Debug2 - Renamed Coal
Deny - Renamed Polished Andesite
Chemistry Fake Blocks
Element Constructor - A renamed Brewing Stand
Elements - These are all renamed Coal
Unknown Element
Hardened Glass - Renamed Glass
Hardened Stained Glass - Rename any Stained Glass into its Hardened variety (such as Hardened Red Stained Glass)
Lab Table - A renamed Brewing Stand
Material Reducer - A renamed Brewing Stand
Finished Nether Reactor Core - Renamed Coal
Glowing Obsidian - Renamed Glowstone
Infinite Lava Source - A renamed Lava Bucket
Infinite Water Source - A renamed Water Bucket
Info Update - Renamed Dirt
Info Update 2 - Renamed Dirt
Initialized Nether Reactor Core - A renamed Gold Ingot
Missing Texture - Renamed Coal
Nether Reactor Core - A renamed Diamond
Stonecutter - Renamed Cobblestone
USB Charger Block - A renamed Block of Redstone
Agent Spawn Egg - A renamed Egg
Ankle Monitor - Renamed Redstone
Bedrock Cat Spawn Egg - A renamed Egg
Bedrock Panda Spawn Egg - A renamed Egg
Beetroot Crop - Renamed Beetroot Seeds
Border - A renamed Cobblestone Wall
Carrot Crop - A renamed Carrot
Cocoa Pod - Renamed Cocoa Beans
Cod Eggs - A renamed Egg
Chemistry Custom Items
Balloon - Renaming any dye to their respective Balloon (such as Red Balloon) will give you a Balloon of that color
Blue Torch - A renamed Torch, also comes in red, purple, and green
Eye Drops - A renamed Ghast Tear
Garbage - Renamed Rotten Flesh
Hardened Glass Pane - A renamed Glass Pane
Hardened Stained Glass Pane - Rename any Stained Glass Pane into its Hardened variety (such as Hardened Red Stained Glass Pane) NOTE: Light Blue and Light Gray Panes must have "Hard" instead of "Hardened", due to the limited name length
Ice Bomb - A renamed Snowball
Liquid Items - These are all renamed Milk Buckets
Aluminum Oxide
Barium Sulfate
Boron Trioxide
Calcium Bromide
Calcium Chloride
Cerium Chloride
Crude Oil
Hydrogen Peroxide
Iron Sulfide
Lithium Hydride
Magnesium Nitrate
Magnesium Oxide
Mercuric Chloride
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Iodide
Sodium Acetate
Sodium Fluoride
Sodium Hydride
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Oxide
Tungsten Chloride
Orange Sparkler - Renamed Flint and Steel, also comes in blue, red, green, and purple
Salt - Renamed Sugar
Super Fertilizer - Renamed Bonemeal
Underwater Torch - A renamed Torch
Cyan Flower - A renamed Poppy
Dragon Fireball - A renamed Fire Charge
Fire - Renamed Flint and Steel
Gear - Renamed Redstone
Horse Saddle - A renamed Saddle
Large Chalkboard - A renamed Sign
Lava - A renamed Lava Bucket
Medium Chalkboard - A renamed Sign
Melon Crop - Renamed Melon Seeds
Nether Wart Crop - Renamed Nether Wart
Paeonia - A renamed Peony
Portfolio - A renamed Book
Potato Crop - A renamed Potato
Pufferfish Eggs - A renamed Egg
Pumpkin Crop - Renamed Pumpkin Seeds
Quiver - A renamed Arrow
Reality Vision - Renamed Redstone
Redstone Dot - Renamed Redstone
Redstone Line - Renamed Redstone
Reed Crop - Renamed Sugarcane
Salmon Eggs - A renamed Egg
Small Chalkboard - A renamed Sign
Smarter Watch - Renamed Redstone
Spawn Cat - A renamed Egg
Spawn NPC - A renamed Egg
Studded Armor - Renamed Leather Armor (just replace "Leather" with "Studded" in each piece)
The Mask Spawn Egg - A renamed Egg
Tripwire - Renamed String
Tropical Fish Eggs - A renamed Egg
Water - A renamed Water Bucket
Wheat Crop - Renamed Seeds
Entities - Rename a Name Tag in an Anvil and use it on these mobs to change their appearance
NPC 1 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 2 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 3 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 4 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 5 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 6 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 7 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 8 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 9 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC 10 - A renamed Farmer Villager
NPC Scientist 1 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 2 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 3 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 4 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 5 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 6 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 7 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 8 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 9 - A renamed Librarian Villager
NPC Scientist 10 - A renamed Librarian Villager
Weegee (or Doggo) - A renamed Wolf
Studded Armor - Renamed Leather Armor
Plate Chestplate - Renamed Iron Chestplate
Plate Helmet - Renamed Iron Helmet

To Do List:
Entity Models and Textures

Change the Zombie Villager's body model to be the same size as a Zombie's

Make the Oak Boat model more squared like it used to be

Add the old Horse, Donkey, and Mule's models and textures

Add the old Phantom's model and texture

Seperate the Trapped Chest and the Christmas Chest's models from the Normal Chest's

Change the models of various mobs to be slightly shorter

Make the Endermite's model more like the Silverfish

Sink the Mob Heads beneath the player's "hat" layer when worn (Nothing I do to these models does anything to the actual head.. armor.. piece?)

Change the Enderman's particles back into smoke without changing the other ender particles in the game

Remove the Squid Ink particle

Item Models and Textures

Add the old Trident inventory model

Add the model and textures of all Glow Sticks

Add the Heat Block as a fake block (I don't have all the textures needed for its animation, nor the animation file itself)

Add Underwater TNT as a fake block (I don't have any textures for it)

Add the Compound Creator as a fake block (I don't have the inner and bottom textures for it)

Add the Camera as possibly a fake block?

Replace some blocks' item textures with the ones found in survivaltest

Change the Red Bed's item model back to 2D without changing the other beds' item models

Change the Ghast's Fireball texture back into a Snowball without affecting the Fire Charge, or Small Fireball's texture

Block Models and Textures

Make the bottom of both the Empty and Filled End Portal Frame stop cullfacing

Change the Glass Pane, Stained Glass Pane, and Iron Bar's single post to look like a "+" again (I tried this, and it would stay in a + shape, even if another pane was attached..)

Alter the Barrier block's breaking particles to use Lava's texture (The Barrier block model's .json is hard-coded for some reason)

Find version 0.0.14a_01 and extract some textures from it. (This seems to be a "lost" version of Minecraft, as I can't find it anywhere.. Even a texture.png from it would be enough)


Make the Tropical Fish's hurt sound mimic the Player hurt sound again

Remove all of the Wooden Doors' placing sounds (Their sounds are tied to every other wooden object's placing sounds..)

Separate the other Wooden Doors' and Fence Gates' sounds from the Oak Door and the Oak Fence Gate (All door sounds are interconnected, it seems)


Make the light transition of day to night seem.. rougher like it used to be in Alpha

Remove or replace the sunset/rise colors with just a transition from the day sky to the night sky (This is possible, but I would need the current minecraft skybox, and I have no idea how to get it)

Make Stars slightly bigger (I need the original nighttime skybox, but again, I have no idea how to get it)

Change the dark tint that the inventory uses to darken the world in the background to a blue tint

Make the 'special item' names be white again

Before telling me about an issue in the pack, Please make sure you have changed ALL of Optifine's settings to the ones I showed above, because most of the time, that's why something isn't working.

A fresh install of Optifine can help too, as sometimes Optifine itself can bug out over time.

Fun Statistics!
Worldwide Viewers of This Pack

Which one are you?

as of 6/30/2018 1:20 PM EST
CreditMojang, All the Lovers of Minecraft
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

24 Update Logs

Update #24 : 03/15/2019 9:30:12 amMar 15th

-General Changes-

*Made the .lang file waaaay smaller
-Made some silenced sounds not appear in the subtitles
-Silenced the Fishing Rod
+Added calm4 back to the game! You will hear this song rarely in Survival, as you would've originally, but it was cut for being too funky
-Silenced Elytra equipping
*Organized color.properties because organization = easier to fix everything

+Added Some more custom items, I hope you like eggs!
All of the eggs are just renamed chicken eggs

Agent Spawn Egg - The unhatched offspring of that weird agent thing from education edition..
The Mask Spawn Egg - Sadly doesn't summon Jim Carrey, idk what it even is, it's just a new, useless egg in the newest bedrock release
Bedrock Cat Spawn Egg - I think they changed it now, but when it was added, it looked slightly different than ours
Bedrock Panda Spawn Egg - Same deal
Pufferfish Eggs - Bedrock again. They made all the fish spawn eggs look like actual fish eggs, which is cute, but I guess it was too different, so they replaced em
Salmon Eggs - Same.
Tropical Fish Eggs - Same.
Cod Eggs - OH IT'S DIFF- Nope, same.

ok enough eggs. here's more custom things

+Added USB Charger Block - A fake block! This is a renamed Redstone Block, and it, along with the next 3 items, are from the april fools Trendy Update
+Added Reality Vision - I was going to make it so you can wear these 3 items, but their model is oddly not on the armor layer of the player, but rather they have their own unique models.. Why did they do all that work for an update that would only last a day??
+Added Smarter Watch - btw, the reality vision and these next 2 are just renamed redstone. thought you'd like to know.
+Added Ankle Monitor - For people who need a curfew. This is the end of the Trendy Update items
+Added Debug - A weird texture they use for testing. This and the next are fake blocks too.
+Added Debug2 - The critically acclaimed sequel, also these are renamed Coal
+Added Plate Helmet - The original iron armor, just rename the iron helm. Note that this and the next piece wont look changed until you put it on.
+Added Plate Chestplate - A really small chestplate for babies, this is an iron chestplate, also note the novelty of the name "Plate Chestplate" Like, what is a plate chestplate made out of? "Plate." but what Kind of plate!? "Plate plate!"

-1.13.2 Changes-

*Corrected all the Infested Blocks' names - I did it wrong, i'm so sorry everyone, i let you all down I DID DONE GOOFED
*Fixed the Elder Guardian, Magma Cube, Zombie Pigman, and Zombie Villager not being renamed in the subtitles
-Silenced Squid ink
+Added the old Phantom Spawn Egg colors
*Corrected Roofed Oak Leaves to Oak Roof Leaves - NO I DID IT AGAIN

-1.12.2 Changes-

*Fixed "Texture Pack" still being displayed as "Resource Pack" in some instances
-Removed the changed names of the Stone Brick Monster Eggs

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Please note that the inclusion of the "calm4" song makes the pack a little more hefty.. Let me know if this causes any problems, ok?
In case you still want most (all?) of the resources of the Education Edition that you want, you must do this
1) Install Minecraft Education Edition, no need to open it, just install it. IF you don't have it you go to education.minecraft.net/get-started/download/
2) Open the :C and go to: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Minecraft(something something something)\data
and there is all the textures and all
huh.. WindowsApps doesn't seem to exist
  • Vivace4921
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • November 9, 2018, 9:38 pm
Umm... I'm a minecraft newbie. (but i can apply the pack don't worry.)
my problem is "how to do the periodic table thing?"
I thought the periodic table was only at education edition.
how did you did the periodic table? can you answer me please...? ;-;
  • Vivace4921
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • November 9, 2018, 9:39 pm
oh sorry it was in the description list...
It's okay, I hope you have fun with the elemental blocks!
  • vykard
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Network
  • November 9, 2018, 7:27 pm
So... 1.13 Anytime soon?
1.13.1 is the current version of the pack
  • vykard
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Network
  • November 13, 2018, 9:07 am
Alright then. Well it seems that fake blocks are not working then
None of the optifine features work in the updated version yet, only in the 1.12.2 version as of now
umm the witch used to have a original skin texture here minecraft.gamepedia.com/12w38a
  • vykard
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Network
  • October 20, 2018, 5:33 pm
Fake blocks not working? Yes i am using optifine with the correct settings
hm.. I'll need more info, are you playing minecraft 1.12.2 and have the 1.12.2 version of the pack? and do you know which items you must rename?
  • vykard
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Network
  • October 21, 2018, 9:29 am
1.13.1 with the recently released optifine

Renaming obsidian to crying obsidian does nothing and i also tried the periodic table thing which also didnt work

I Modified the pack to be compatible with 1.13 using the 1.12 version
uh.. just wait 'til I make the 1.13 version of the pack compatible with optifine, since what you're doing is untested no-man's land.
Can you add old Ender Chest texture?
Could you elaborate maybe? I could only find that the Ender Chest's texture has always been the same
  • DKN0V4
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 10, 2018, 8:14 am
when someone on reddit gave jeb the idea of ender chests, the texture for them was a green version of the normal chest and the original crafting recipe was the same as the normal chest but with an ender pearl in the middle
well.. I don't think i'll add that, since it was a suggestion and not something that was ever put into minecraft in that form
somebody was looking for kazoo cows, eh?
its literally the same site that notch took sounds from
yeeeesssss, you are my saving grace, Thank you!
Cool BUT I WISH There Was A ONE!! Where You Don't Need optifine
I'm sorry!! but mojang doesn't let us do all the COOL pack stuff that optifine allows, if they did, I would surely make this modless
  • killerdit
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 29, 2018, 3:14 pm
Is it possible to remove the "bright green" colors from the grass and trees? I tried turning off custom colors, custom items and everything but it doesn't work. Thanks.
It is not possible, I had to replace the grass and tree textures themselves, since I couldn't really get the custom colors to look right, I hope it's not too much of a bother!
  • itsdatboi
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  • July 27, 2018, 7:51 am
I know that this might not be as old as the other things, but in 1.4.2 sand made this crunchy sound when walked on/mined and I really miss those sounds. Would it be possible to add that sound as the sound? If you don't understand what I'm talking about, this video displays the sand sound: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtcpnVuobVE
Interestingly, the sound for walking on sand has switched back and forth over the years.. But the first ever one was the soft sounding kind
  • killerdit
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  • July 26, 2018, 8:25 pm
Chests don't open and don't make noise?
That is correct! It's the intended result, as chests, when they were first added, did not have an opening animation or any noise
So.. Faithful uses(or used, I dunno) old textures of water and lava?
whatcha talkin about?..
I used faithful once and it had the same textures of lava and water as you have on these screens.
make for 1.13 and make please more nostalgic because many textures are not the first
It's coming, don't worry! I can only update to 1.13 once optifine updates to that version.
and make old turtle model, old walking animation, dirt background, old logo animation, villager hoods and old phantom model ;-)
Amazing work! Do you have a list of items you cannot add to the ressource pack? I mean I know you can't add the old beacon "texture" (the one with the nether star in the middle of a glass block) but I dunno...i guess I wanna know :)
Anways good job again.
I've always wanted to do what you did here with this texture pack but I never managed to get the glass to work. PS. I didn't read your list of todos but the beacon beam was different before. Just in case you forgot or anything. Thanks a lot. I look forward to see what else can be reverted (ex: plate armor and pigman skin or rename resource pack to texture pack)
Thank you for liking it! As for your questions, I only know if I cannot add something if I try it and it doesn't work, and I don't really have a list.. The Beacon's first texture is already in this pack, and it wasn't the one with the nether star, but I actually could make that block exactly, it just isn't the first one, so I don't have to. And thank you for pointing out the beam, I've learned that at first, there actually was no beam texture, they just used the Lightning entity in its place, but then they did change it to a proper beacon beam texture and I will be adding that texture to the pack if all goes well, because it is different from what we have now.
Thanks for bringing back the sounds I heard on my first adventure in this game. Is the bow draw animation not present to make it similar to its older version? It's useful for clarity.
Yup! In this pack, history is more important than practicality!
  • iFerrer00
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  • June 27, 2018, 2:47 pm
Nice job! Also, at night, the stars were bigger on alpha and beta, don't know if you could do that on the pack, but you could try.
  • MewMuffins
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  • June 21, 2018, 11:40 am
Can you make one that doesn't require optifine?
This pack can still be used without it, you can do what ya want, but it will most likely just be a bare-bones version of its true self. There wouldn't be a point in creating another resource pack, if it would have the same effect as just using this one without optifine.
  • div3logic
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Fish
  • June 11, 2018, 10:19 pm
Hey weegee, I just tried this resource pack and it's incredible. Now, about the...

*Make Stars slightly bigger

There's already a video about that, though by doing so it might not look the same like old versions because there is no template or textures of the old stars so it needs to be re-made in scratch, you see this method can help you make your own sky.

Perhaps you already know about this but just pointing that out before this resource pack is complete.


Also regarding the...

-Remove the panorama in the main menu and replace it with the original dirt background

I am very happy to tell you that 1.13 support this old feature (but its kinda complex for some). In addition to panorama 0 to panorama 5, it also adds panorama overlay.
The panorama overlay can be customized, which means you can hide the entire panorama by adding any choice of blocks and you need to stretch the picture. By doing this you could replace the background to resemble the classic minecraft background during the early days.

Hope it helps :]
Yes, unclejam. The finest teacher of resource pack creation I've ever watched! I've seen the video, but sadly, I will need the exact texture to fix the stars.. somehow.

And thank you so much for telling me about the panorama overlay! Another great thing to look forward to in 1.13! I'm very glad that you're enjoying this pack so far, and I hope that it may continue to fascinate you with its many quirks!
Ah! My memory... But sadly cow sound is not old sound. Thank you! I love it.
you're very welcome! and yeah.. the cow sound, so very elusive.. I'll get it someday
Thanks man! You're a lifesaver! Using this for a video i'm making if that's ok" (crediting you in the description)
That would be fantastic to see! Go right ahead, bud~
  • Honey_Bagel
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • February 14, 2018, 7:38 am
You are an apsolute legend my good sir. Hats off to you.
a.. a legend!?

you bring a tear to my eye, truly..
Hey you don't seem to get notified when I respond to your comments when I post the comments so ill post my two responses you missed here. PS. sorry if that sounded rude : /


The reason I didn't change it is because some people might prefer to not have their nether portals and such smoking, But if you'd be okay with that, all that you need to do is find the texture for smoke and paste it over the ender particle, and VOILA!~ I do hope that optifine continues to decode hard-coded things like the ender particles soon.


The enderman and smoke use the same part of the particles.png file enderman/chest/portal just use a smaller purple version while torches/redstone/fire use a larger black version

Yup! You've been on a roll bringing this stuff to my attention, and for that, I thank you. Redstone will now only have its brightest shade and its darkest shade in this pack, which you can see in the pack's latest version!
Great thank you! I've been building my own personal "classic textures" resource pack and probably have more I could bring to your attention :). That being said I've been trying to give endermen smoke particles forever so if you get any info on that please tell me. Anyway I'm always happy to help you with your resource pack so don't be afraid to ask me for anything. :)
You doubt my capabilities? I see ALL in my domain!

..I just, y'know, sometimes don't respond if the only thing I can respond with is a nod or an "okay", I just have a feeling that everyone knows I read their comments and knows that there isn't much to say after some things.. It helps the comments be less cluttered.
oh sorry my bad
  • Aqwhalo
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  • February 2, 2018, 4:39 pm
Are these all the blocks or are there are more to be added?
It's more like a notion that if I can find more that can be added, it will be added, I'll probably never know when I'm actually done with this thing
hey me again! would it be pausable to make redstone or "Red Ore Dust" as it was called at the time not scale the color with how far it is from it's powersouce like it did originally. If that was unclear Redstone used to only come in two colors bright red and dark red, however now it can be many shades of red and makes a gradient. Is there anyway to fix that?
Yup! You've been on a roll bringing this stuff to my attention, and for that, I thank you. Redstone will now only have its brightest shade and its darkest shade in this pack, which you can see in the pack's latest version!
Great thank you! I've been building my own personal "classic textures" resource pack and probably have more I could bring to your attention :). That being said I've been trying to give endermen smoke particles forever so if you get any info on that please tell me. Anyway I'm always happy to help you with your resource pack so don't be afraid to ask me for anything. :)
  • Mr Gloopy
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  • January 22, 2018, 8:52 pm
For me, the walking sound on stone is much too quiet, I can barely hear them. No, its not my end, my volume is at an acceptable level and any other resource pack sounds fine. You need to up the volume of the stone sound. Grass and dirt are fine.
The walking on stone sound is exactly how it was before it was changed, I even compared the sound from my pack to the same sound in the last version of Beta, and it's a perfect match. It is a very quiet sound, and even more so if you don't have your in-game volume set to max. Back then, minecraft didn't have much in terms of sound management, and so it was usually meant to be played at max volume. I do apologize if it bugs you, I'd just rather not change what it was intended to be at the time.
  • Mr Gloopy
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Mage
  • January 23, 2018, 10:13 am
My game is at max volume. My computer is at 22% volume, which, due to my headphones, is a good level.
Saw this, had to download. Amazing texture pack! Really brings back the nostalgia.
I hope you have fun with it!
Also, is it possible to make the block breaking without the "shadow" of the cracks? It's quite annoying but the amazingness of this pack is so good I had to think "What's needed for this pack".
Also, could I use this pack in a youtube series?
It is possible, yes, but I think it's always been like that.. :c

And sure, resource packs are made to be used!~
I love the old textures. You have saved my life. Without optifine, rip, but, luckily I had it.
Also, dang you got the old minecraft logo! I'm pretty sure you could try and make the background all dirt, not circulating, but I just checked, you can't.
  • Koopaloon
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • January 14, 2018, 6:02 am
make the old endermite please.
I've tried sooo hard on making the old endermite.. I need a mob modeler to teach me what to do ;-;
  • Koopaloon
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • March 20, 2018, 2:27 am
Ask the modmaker MrCrayFish. He is pretty good at modeling and i'm pretty sure he would be willing to help you, if not, he has some tutorials online on how to model.
  • Koopaloon
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • March 20, 2018, 2:27 am
also i waited two months to reply sorry
OK sorry for the double comment but I also noticed you changed the skeleton to have his old 90 degree arms out again but left the zombie with his slightly altered arms. I don't know if you did that on purpose or not but if not you can literally just copy the skeleton.jem and rename it zombie.jem and that will give him his original arms back
How are the Zombie's arms altered?.. Haven't they always been stuck out like that?

*Ohhh, nevermind, I see now.. Thanks for pointing that out!
This is a great pack but if I may make a suggestion I personally I don't mind just changing all ender particles to smoke. I think it's impossible to just change one and not the other plus I really miss those old smokey endermen.
The reason I didn't change it is because some people might prefer to not have their nether portals and such smoking, But if you'd be okay with that, all that you need to do is find the texture for smoke and paste it over the ender particle, and VOILA!~ I do hope that optifine continues to decode hard-coded things like the ender particles soon.
The enderman and smoke use the same part of the particles.png file enderman/chest/portal just use a smaller purple version while torches/redstone/fire use a larger black version

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