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Furadise Hidden Islands, Furry Survival! (Java with Bedrock Support so theres plugins!)

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KuraiSkrap avatar KuraiSkrap
Level 26 : Expert Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 09/22/21
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock 1.16.10
Connect With
Furadise Hidden Islands

Bedrock: if your on PC/Mobile you can connect easily by putting in the IP (default bedrockport works)

if your on PS4/Xbox you need an app like MC server connector

Switch requires a custom DNS server shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zalT_oR1nPM

we are a laid back Furry and human community started in 2020, we
allow swearing, but draw the line at slurs

(wont ban for saying degenerate like some other furry servers)

we have free nicknames after 1 hour (mostly to prevent trolls abusing the feature to hide their names) so you can match your fursona and every rank afterwards unlocks more nickname options (symbols, color, formating, RGB)

and have made an effort to make sure supporter
perks are EULA friendly are also available from timed ranks and
not exclusive to paid ranks, for those who commit their time to our community
as long term members. (such as the nicknames above)

TPS is publicly shown in TAB and is almost always a solid 20 TPS due to being run on a deticated 8 core 3800x server with 32GB of ram aswell as haveing 2TB of storage to avoid needing world resets..

Joshtiger has created a fair amount of custom content exclusive to our server,
such as being able to create a fursona bio that anyone can see with a
simple command (/checkfursona username, 3rd photo is an example)

Our Custom Resource pack adds textures to special items without effecting the normal vannila items with the exception of some things like cookies and observers being enlarged by /hat (check the photos for examples) and the ability to win textured items by voting or dyeing items with texture puffs from lapis ore (diamond tools, bows, fishing rods, books and more)

plus with optifine the ability to color elytra/diamond armor/tools + more by renaming items.

Creative plots are 64x64 and you unlock more each rank, as well as being
able to merge as many as you wish.

Voting powered Voteboxes with odds being public, and with rank having no impact on odds.
this is mostly used as a way to hand out the custom textures.

Discord currently has 400+ members and unlocks once you hit 1 Hour on the server
which has stopped the trolls joining thus far

owned by KuraiSkrap and Joshtiger.

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